Monday, 10 February 2014


A ComRes poll conducted 24-27 May 2013, put the following question to 2,021 people:
“How many Iraqis, both combatants and civilians, do you think have died as a consequence of the war that began in Iraq in 2003?”
Significant findings were as follows:

44% of Britons think less than 5,000 Iraqis died in the Iraq War that began in 2003. Only 16% think more than 100,000 died.

The truth is, as John Tirman, principal research scientist at the MIT Centre for International Studies, suggests, 'roughly 700,000' Iraqis are thought to have died.

Tirman's reasoning excludes deaths among the millions of displaced Iraqis.

CONCLUSION: Most Britons are brainwashed, pathologically unmindful and/or moronic.

35% of men and 53% of women think less than 5,000 died.

21% of men and 11% of women think more than 100,000 died.

CONCLUSION: British men are less brainwashed, pathologically unmindful and/or moronic than British women.

53% of Britons between the ages of 18 and 24 think less than 5,000 Iraqis died, whereas only 17% think more than 100,000 died.

Although 39% of Britons over 55 think less than 5,000 Iraqis died, 37% think more than 100,000 died.

CONCLUSION: Old Britons, though many are still bewilderingly brainwashed, pathologically unmindful and/or moronic, are much less so than British youngsters.

All this is good news for democracy. Or rather, it is good news for the elective dictators that hold sway over the Western democracies.

These are much more likely to be able to inflict, for example, Iraq-like genocide upon whomsover they choose if the population they dictate to is brainwashed appropriately, pathologically unmindful or moronic.

Infliction of whatever damage the dictator wishes to inflict, in whichever field he wishes to inflict it, is, of course, similarly possible, if said population is constituted along the lines of the above poll.

For example, mass migration of non-native peoples into the territories of the BUMS (brainwashed, unmindful, moronic sheeple) may be imposed. These may also be given preference in the allocation of jobs and housing with little protest. The EU and other bum-humbling global constructs may also be imposed.

Bums may be required to pay for wars they never wanted, worldwide recessions they never caused and massive international aid donations they'd rather have spent on themselves. Adoration of the alien and contempt for his fellows will be easily promoted. Contempt for their own history, heritage, identity and culture will, likewise, be simply instilled.

Bums may also be taught to value wrong more than right, bad more than good, indolence more than endeavour, irresponsibility more than duty, cowardice more than courage; treachery more than patriotism; hate more than love and criminals more than victims. It will also be a simple matter to convince them that they should feel guilty for crimes they never committed.

In order to inflict these things upon a people, all a dictator needs, in the first instance, is a cooperative media and a trusting and gullible majority.

Later on, when they may otherwise have begun to wise up, the dumbing-down process, instituted at the commencement of the dictatorship, and the various narcotic tranquilisers proliferated throughout the system during it, (via legal and ‘illegal’ agencies) will keep the bums subdued and unquestioning.

Here are a few of the things that bums can be persuaded to vote for, over a fifty year period, in a democracy:

Asylum seekers put to the head of the council housing queue for more than 40 years; immigrant benefit scroungers living in mansions; the proliferation of mosques; Sharia law; ‘honour’ crime, polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation, Muslim paedophilia; Jimmy Savile; elite paedophilia and brutality in children’s homes; paedophile priests; on-line grooming/porn; child porn; government-funded groups teaching 5-year-olds ‘the pleasures of gay sex;’ sexting; twerking and ‘shag bands’ in schools; the imposition of gay marriage; cyber crime; white flight; terrorism; no-go areas; riots; race law; anti-social behaviour; mugging; knife and gun crime; gangs; gang-rape; prostitution; trafficking; criminals indulged, victims ignored; hard drugs; legal highs; mass medication; teenage suicide; self-harm; mass truancy; violence in schools; dumbing-down; student debt; tuition fees; playing fields sold; cohesion; multiculturalism; enrichment; diversity; political correctness; positive discrimination; health-and-safety; compensation culture: GCHQ spies; Thought Police; 4.5million CCTV cameras; promotion of the ‘mixed-race ideal;’ homelessness; care-in-
the-community; MRSA; ADHD; hospital death rates; patients dying of thirst and starvation; Liverpool Care Pathway; C- Difficile, asthma; organ theft; Mad Cow Disease; childhood obesity; faulty breast implants; post code lottery; care home scandals; pollution; foot-and-mouth disease; contempt for patriotism, heritage, culture, traditions and Christianity; call centres based in India; no EU referendum; ‘human rights' law; rule from Brussels; spin; postal vote fraud; privatisation; pit closures; pub and post office closures; the flooding of England and Wales by Environmental Agency ideologue and EU directive; fishermen and farmers forced out of business; Fat Cat non-doms paying little or no tax; cash for questions, the destruction of British industry; cab-for-hire cabinet ministers; cash for peerages, expenses; the Big Bang; Black Wednesday; the ‘prudent Chancellor’s’ sale of gold at rock bottom prices and the disastrous raid upon our pension funds; Blair/Brown cuddling up to international financiers; sub prime; the credit crunch, world-wide recession; national debt in the trillions; bankers’ bonuses; pay-day loan companies; the Scots Mafia; globalisation; reliance on Russia and France for energy; the power of Murdoch’s media and the Jewish lobby; hackgate; international aid; armaments (chemical weapons et al) to dictators.

And a whole host of cynical and disaster-provoking interventions in the Arab world.

CONCLUSION: THEY are at war with us ladies and gentlemen. They really are.

If they weren't, most of us wouldn't be bums.

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