Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bullying in Blackburn and the curiously employed

On 20 December 2010, The Lancashire Telegraph reported thus:

“A Tesco manager who was a convicted robber stole almost £6,000 takings, disappeared and blew it on heroin. Addict Tahir Hussain, 39, stuffed the cash from the safe at Tesco Express, Colne, into his pockets, left the store, got a train to London and stayed there for a month until he had spent up.

The hearing was told how Hussain had a criminal record going back 24 years to 1986 and had committed dishonesty offences when he was a youth. He also had many other previous convictions for other offences, including robbery, theft and perverting the course of justice, and had served jail terms.

He was said to have been swiftly promoted to manager within five weeks of starting work at the Colne shop and had been given keys to the safe.

The defendant admitted theft of £5,788… He was jailed for eight months…

Sentencing him, Recorder Nigel Grundy said the offence was a ‘clear breach of trust’ after he had been taken on at Tesco and given a position of responsibility. He said: ‘One might say that in itself is curious, given your previous convictions.’

The judge said Hussain, who had breached every court order he had been given, had been greedy and had spent all the proceeds on himself, not his wife and family.

Sarah Statham, prosecuting, said it seemed ‘rather strange’ the defendant became a manager at Tesco, in view of his record…

The court was told Hussain, of Stirling Drive, Blackburn, had previous convictions for robbery, theft, burglary, deception, handling stolen goods, violence, perverting the course of justice, driving whilst disqualified and harassment. Clare Thomas, for Hussain, said at the time of the offence he had been in the grip of a heroin addiction.

Hussain stayed in bed and breakfasts in London, spent his time taking drugs and when the money ran out, came back and handed himself in.

Tesco declined to comment.”

I wonder what Tesco would have said if they had commented?
‘We know it might appear ‘rather strange’ but we gave the career criminal the job because of our affirmative action policy.’

‘We know it might seem ‘curious’ but employment law states that we must pro-actively hire low-life non-native gangsters before we employ law-abiding British citizens!’

‘He was the only Muslim who applied and we must celebrate diversity!’

‘The chap who hired him, regional C.E.O., Mr Mohammed, is his uncle, twice removed.’
'We have a policy of demoralising the locals and we thought offering employment to an Pakistani criminal instead of a law-abiding Brit, might work the oracle.' 
They are at war with us, ladies and gents. They really are. For further proof of this, fast forward three years.

On 6 February 2014, The Lancashire Telegraph reported thus:

“A father removed his son from a Blackburn school after claiming he had repeatedly complained about bullying. Tahir Hussain said his 13-year-old son Binyameen, had been psychically and verbally assaulted by an older student and that he was even threatened with a knife in the toilets of his former high school.
Mr Hussain said he has contacted St Wilfrid’s Academy high school repeatedly about the issue and had reported two instances to Ofsted and the police.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire police confirmed officers were aware of the situation and had spoken to both boys involved but, having found no evidence of a knife, decided it was a matter for the school. Ofsted also confirmed it had been contacted… Mr Hussain said:

‘My son was in the toilets and an older student pulled out a knife and showed it to my son. They seem to be trying to brush it under the carpet so they don’t have to deal with it.’

Mr Hussain said he and his wife watched their son lose interest in things he once loved, loose weight and become introverted. They even took him to accident and emergency at the Royal Blackburn Hospital twice, when he was physically sick and shaking at the thought of going to school. Binyameen has now missed six weeks of school and Mr Hussain is trying to find him a place elsewhere. Mr Hussain said: 
‘My son has lost half a stone in seven weeks. This whole thing has made him ill and for a long time, we didn’t know what was wrong. He was too scared to tell us about the bullying and we were worried he had a health problem. He eventually told us and we went to the school straight away but they just won’t deal with it’.”
One supposes that, once in a while, the children of drug-addicted career criminals get bullied at school. You know, just like the children of the bona-fide folk who don’t take drugs? But when you take note of the CV of a bloke like Hussain, it does make you wonder whether he’s more interested in a spot of compensation than he is in the welfare of his offspring, doesn’t it?

After all, when you’re a heroin addict, nick £5,788 from your place of employment and then proceed to spend ‘all the proceeds on’ yourself, instead of your ‘wife and family,’ the all-nu concerned parent bit isn’t going to impress everyone, now is it?

Whatever, I’m betting the eventual outcome of the bullied Blackburn schoolboy saga will almost certainly suit a drugged-up career criminal by the name of Tahir Hussain rather more than it will those he has robbed, burgled, assaulted and otherwise tormented over the years.

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