Sunday, 2 February 2014

Abibifahodie Black family! Enjoy your book!

At this Amazon page, 'Sankofa SuperHerus: Volume 1 (Black Books For Black Children)' is advertised.

We are told that the 'author' of this 33 page tome for children is one Angela Freeman ('an exciting new author dedicated to the advancement of the Black community'); 'the Irritated Genie of Soufeese' is the 'editor' and Kalyd Dessalines, the 'illustrator.'

The blurb introducing Ms Freeman's self-published book says this:

"Sankofa SuperHerus teaches Afrikan children about our beloved leaders in an exciting new way. This book is designed for parents to read along with their children. Sankofa SuperHerus provides a brief summary of several revolutionaries, offering just enough information to encourage further study. Use this book as a foundation to make your child an expert in ancient and modern Afrikan history. After reading each story, feel free to enrich your child's learning with further investigation, book reports, role play, art projects, or creating songs about each figure. Let's make 'ourstory' fun!

Abibifahodie! (Afrikan liberation!)"
The 'customer reviews' beneath the blurb include these:

Deon van Zyl: "That criminal tripe like this can make it onto Amazon clearly displays a severe lack of judgement, if not a politically Correct indifference to murderous intent! If this is the hallmark of improving race relations then race war becomes the only alternative! Remove this rubbish!"
Michael Annear: "Racist Propaganda - Amazon, please remove this title from your store. It is nothing but a racist rant against white people. If this was the other way round you would never have listed it as a title?"
James Dombrowski: "How could Amazon allow such an overtly violent and racist piece of garbage be sold on their site??????? It's enough to BOYCOTT Amazon!!!"
Theresa: "This book is disgusting in its promotion to kill white people just look at the illustration in the book please amazon remove this book wish I had a zero option in rating."
Jacobus H. G. Strauss: "I give this one star simply because 0 was not an option. This horrific piece of genocidal propaganda is nothing short of an attempt to teach black kids to hate and murder whites. You could watch a preview of this drivel on Youtube, simply search for 'Sankofa SuperHerus Preview'."
Tersia: "If I, as a white person, start a book by saying 'this is a book to free young white minds.' Would that be okay? It's very irresponsible of Amazon to promote this."
Scott D. Hann: "Why is Amazon allowing this garbage to be sold? No, I didn't waste my money on this trash, I heard plenty about it on the Internet and saw excerpts."
Robert G Bishop: "Its crap like this that causes the high black on white crime in this country. Just another twisted rewrite of history to try and throw the blame on the modern world as to why some people are to lazy to do anything with their life. just racist garbage."
Augustin: "Unfortunately, this slender volume turns out to be a racist indoctrination book aimed at African-American children, teaching them that the most important thing in life is race, that the black race is superior to all others, that white people are devils, and that it is ok to kill them.

This message is emphasized page after page, showing black warrior men and women slaughtering whites. Hannibal (who of course was not black, being of Carthaginian/Phoenician descent), one of the 'SuperHerus' (sic) in the book, is shown as a black warrior atop an elephant, killing very white Romans.

Sadly, this twisted message aimed at impressionable young minds, is likely to convince black kids not only that they should be proud of their ethnicity, but that they are superior to non-blacks and that it is ok to kill white people, since they are devils.

Good luck at growing up normal citizens in a peaceful civilized society! A most irresponsible piece of hate-filled racist propaganda."
Lastly, from one T. Gaynor, we have:
"Great book. I guess it hit a nerve huh? and YES it does free the minds of the oppressed. White minds wouldn't understand that."
Funny how the African and West Indian oppressed can't wait to get out of the countries they, their ancestors and their 'beloved leaders' made to come live alongside their oppressors in ours, isn't it?

As Jacobus Strauss suggests, at Angela Freeman's YouTube page, the book is 'previewed'. 

My copy of this video at YouTube has been removed and, whilst I was introducing the original, it turned 'private'.

However, a copy can be seen at my DailyMotion account here:

White genocide preached to black schoolchildren? by ironwand

The description of the above accompanying the video, which seems to have been penned by the unashamedly self-regarding Ms Freeman herself, says this:
"This is a sneak peek at the illustrations for the new book Sankofa SuperHerus. It's an instant classic. Whites worldwide are already angry because we finally have a book that celebrates Black victories throughout history. They have worked hard to keep this hidden and are threatened by the truth... and for good reason.

This is among my most popular books right now... because of Black word of mouth... not Youtube. So even if these rabid racists succeed in having a video or channel removed... the book will continue to fly off the shelves,

They say the illustrations of Black victories in war are hateful. To me, the pictures of white oppression and genocide against innocent Black life are the only hateful thing in this video. It shows a lack of conscience by the guilty parties, but it serves as a reminder for those who need it.

Abibifahodie Black family! Enjoy your book!"
Check it out.

Make your own mind up as to whether 'the only hateful thing in this video' are 'the pictures of white oppression and genocide against innocent Black life'. As you do so, remember this: the book that inspired the video is 'designed for parents to read along with their children.' That would be black 'parents' and black 'children'. Perhaps we might include politically correct parents and their children as well.

The video features a rap soundtrack. Here are some of the lyrics:
"Dear white supremacy, you thought that you could finish me
But my elders told me you're my mo****fu**** enemy.
Sent down the energy To come at you religiously
And I won't give up till there's justice for what you did to me...
The programme, the endless misery,
Turn my woman against me
And now she look at me like I don't respect her
And can't respect the seeds.
Ignorance and division is what religion breeds...
So with my nine (gun) I creep up and all you'll ever see
Is dead crackers click, clackin' a deadly melody...
My violent ways make me put my life on the line
Before I die in a cage...
You can lie in the grave
 Either die from AIDS or die from a gauge (gun).
Either fight for freedom or die as a slave.
I send you back from whence you came
Because your Ma's in a cave.
I denounce your Naziism and your Zionist wave...
This cracker said I was laid off
And he broke out and played golf
Stressed at me pot-killing Jews like Adolf.
White supremacy, gay, all the black President votin'
I was hesitant cos he ain't fit to represent
The red, black, green, the colours I breed
I keep fightin for my seeds for as long as I breathe...
I been taking shots of Tequila and rollin' up weed."
This is art?

Deep thought? Poetry? Or just plain, old-fashioned, n-word hate?

Here's the thing: what would the reaction to this publication be from the Freemans and the PC Crowd if it was a White Book for White Children with images of white superheroes slaughtering evil, black 'devils?'

We all do know the answer to this question, don't we?

Those who foist the Freeman 'ourstories' upon us and our children are at war with us, folks. Ms Freeman, Kalyd Dessalines, the rapper and all the rest of the New World order's diversity crew are their pet footsoldiers

And you know it.

P.S. I got the picture of Ms Freeman seen above from another YouTube video. In the video she describes herself as Angela Shabbaz. Which suggests, perhaps, that she is a black Muslim.

Here's a video of another black Muslim who didn't like white folks:


  1. This article was well done, but may I offer a counter-intuitive perspective? Yes, we all know the reaction if this had been a White Book for White Children, because we have encountered the vitriol of the media establishment toward White racial awareness. Therefore, if we cannot increase the racial awareness of Whites without condemnation, perhaps we should focus on increasing the racial awareness of blacks? The more militant blacks become, the more difficult it will be for the MultiCult to control them, and the less likely that the blacks will be worshiped by White lemmings. Therefore, I suggest we buy massive quantities of these books and distribute them to every black child we can find.

  2. It's a good idea and one that could work, in so far as it would be likely to bring the Big Bang that much closer. Of course, whilst we await the happy event, many more of our kinfolk would suffer. Still, as they will suffer under the present system anyway, I don't see that as a problem.

    The perspective, by the way, isn't counter-intuitive. The more ethnic aggro the British suffer, the less likely the sheeple will be to accept it. Especially, when the authorities are actively encouraging it by, as ever, doing nothing.

    Anyway, let's hope the book doesn't get pulled from Amazon and elsewhere.

    All the best.

    P.S. If you have the money to invest in "massive quantities" of Ms Freeman's book, I think it would be better spent elsewhere. We really do not want someone as giftless and spite-filled as her enriched by our generosity, now do we?

    Let her excuse-seeking fellows do the honours.

  3. "P.S. If you have the money to invest in "massive quantities" of Ms Freeman's book, I think it would be better spent elsewhere." Point well taken!

  4. I believe the better approach would be to use this to teach our (WHITE) children the true nature of the black mindset. I wonder what the authors response would be if Whites were to embrace her diatribe to show our children why her people deserve to be oppressed, and should be in chains...

    1. I would have no response lol... go for it... buy the book ;)

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  7. Oh no, my dear. I would hope none would do so, White, Black or whatever else. One really doesn't want to enrich those who care so little for us.

    Still, one hopes there is a point at which the brainwashed lemmings, sheeple, zombies etc might wake up to the fact that there are folks out there in the Multicult who wish them serious harm.

    Thus, in so far as I suppose it's possible that your book(s) may help arouse said dozy folk from their slumbers, here's wishing you a millionairess within the month.