Friday, 9 May 2014

The US is strongly pushing Ukraine/EU integration

On 7 January 2014, William Engdahl told us this at the Boiling Frogs Post website:
"The recent protests in Ukraine have the stench of a foreign-orchestrated attempt to destabilize the government of Viktor Yanukovych after he walked away from signing an EU Association Agreement that would have driven a deep wedge between Russia and Ukraine.
Glamor-star boxer-turned political guru, Vitaly Klitschko, has been meeting with the US State Department and is close to Angela Merkel’s CDU political machine in Germany.

The EU association agreement with Ukraine is widely resisted by many EU member states with deep economic problems of their own. The two EU figures most pushing it, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski, are both well known in the EU as close to Washington.
The US is strongly pushing the Ukraine/EU integration just as it had been behind the 2004 failed 'Orange Revolution' to split Ukraine from Russia in a bid to isolate and weaken Russia. Now Ukrainians have found evidence of direct involvement of the Belgrade US-financed training group, CANVAS behind the carefully-orchestrated Kiev protests.
A copy of the pamphlet that was given out to opposition protestors in Kiev has been obtained. It is a word-for-word and picture-for-picture translation of the pamphlet used by US-financed Canvas organizers in the 2011 Cairo Tahrir Square protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak and opened the door to the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood...

Canvas, formerly Otpor, received significant money from the US State Department in 2000 to stage the first successful Color Revolution against Slobodan Milosovic in then-Yugoslavia. Since then they have been transformed into a full-time 'revolution consultancy' for the US, posing as a Serbian grass-root group backing 'democracy'...

The revealing aspect is the spectacular emergence of champion boxed Vitaly Klitschko... Klitschko is being backed by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Nuland, former US Ambassador to NATO, is a neo-conservative married to leading neo-conservative hawk, Robert Kagan, and was herself a former adviser to Dick Cheney."
Nuland and husband Robert are both Jewish, as were the majority of the US Neocons who forced the latest war in Iraq upon the world.

Here's the Wikipedia lowdown on the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, (CANVAS).

Check out the essay: Soros, CIA Behind Imported Revolutions.

Cherchez les usual suspects, it would seem.

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