Thursday, 23 January 2014

Put your own house in order

On 19 January 2014, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, said this during a sermon in Chester Cathedral:
“The Church of England… is undergoing some seismic shifts and changes as a result of disagreements on ministry, marriage and human sexuality. We must not allow ourselves to fracture under the colossal weight of dancing to the world’s agenda.”
Afterwards he said this in an interview with The Daily Mail:
“What I’m talking about with the world’s agenda is what this Government has now set up. This puts pressure on the Church to offer rites of marriage to those who are in same-sex relationships. Obviously, I would disapprove of that, but the pressure is on so many churches to do that… I think outsiders would say 'you talk about reconciliation but it is an empty word if you are not reconciled yourselves so put your own house in order'."
The Mail’s Steve Doughty added:
“The former Archbishop added that the apathy shown by the Government to Christianity was sometimes ‘far worse than persecution'."
Perhaps the former Archbishop should wake up to the fact that those who rule over us do not have the best interests of the British people and the predominant faith at heart.

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