Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why are our young girls in this position?

On 14 April 13 2011, Demi Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, were interviewed by Piers Morgan for CNN.

During the course of the interview they said this:

KUTCHER: "We visited the United States-Mexico border... where we met a girl who told us about how she was trafficked into the United States, how she was taken into a field by her pimp and raped by 30 men on a trash bag."
MOORE: "We saw... a documentary highlighting the issue of slavery in Cambodia... 5, 6, 7-year-olds who were being repeatedly raped for profit."
KUTCHER: "Most people sort of see this and they go, OK, that's a problem in Cambodia..."
MOORE: "Or India or Nepal."
KUTCHER: "It's happening in the United States. It's between 100 and 300,000 child sex slaves in the United States today...

The guy, the trafficker, the slave owner, that's doing this... that's not a good person, right? For that guy to want to sell that girl and continue to sell that girl, he had to be making money and so some guy went and bought that girl... Maybe... she looked a little young. But he didn't bother to ask. He didn't bother to help...

Anyone of those guys could have stopped it."
MOORE: why do we even have our young girls in this position in the first place?... The risk is very low for the buyers and the sellers.

What we have is 80 percent of the girls are criminalized. We have only four states that have a safe harbor act, which basically identifies an underage girl as a victim of rape. Otherwise, they're criminalized as a prostitute and put through the criminal justice system.

And it's never addressed that they are being controlled, that they are being repeatedly raped for profit, profit that they never see. And I think that we have a lot of work to do. And a big part of that is re-identifying what the face of a slave is today. And it's our children."

It's very heartening when celebs decide to do the right thing and then make the effort needed to see the multitudes take notice. 

The multitudes pay attention to their icons, you see.

Thing is, this pair, along with the vast majority of those granted permission to ply their artistic wares somewhere near the top of the elite's media slag heap are beneficiaries of a system that encourages the decadence they condemn. They are both PC to the max.

Do you, for example, imagine that either of them would ever criticise Mexicans, Cambodians, Indians or Nepalese folks directly? Do you think if any of these were playing the 'pimp' 'the trafficker' or 'the slave owner' with American girls who happen to be white, they'd tell you about it?

How many Hispanic pimps are involved in this sordid business, do you think? How many Blacks, Asians and Jews? Do you think that, compared to the white-European majority, they might over-represented by quite a margin? Do you believe that Kutcher and Moore would spill the beans if they knew that the minorities were responsible for degenerating most of the 'child sex slaves' prostituting themselves in America?

I don't. I think they'd keep it to themselves. That's the thing about your PC do-gooder, he'll do good, but only up to a point. He will never tell you the whole story when the whole story would alert the majority to minority misconduct. Especially when to do so might upset those who provide the media darlings with their cushy numbers.

'Why are our young girls in this position,' Demi? Because of the way those who pay your wages have constructed things, love. That's the whole truth of it. And that's a truth you and your young man are never going to tell straight out.

Still, credit where credit's due. They're speaking out when most won't and wouldn't want to. And they DO give a damn. That much is obvious.

Fair play to them then.

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