Thursday, 9 January 2014

Kissing Grannie may blur your boundaries!

On 8 January 2014, Sarah Harris told us this in The Daily Mail:

"Parents who force their sons and daughters to give granny a peck on the cheek may be doing them harm, it was claimed yesterday...
Instead of helping a child learn about showing affection, it may blur the boundaries of what is acceptable when it comes to physical contact, according to Lucy Emmerson, co-ordinator of the Sex Education Forum. She even claims that encouraging a youngster to blow a kiss, high-five or wave to a relative instead will help them avoid future sexual exploitation. 
Children need to learn from the start about the importance of consent and that ‘their bodies are their own’, she says... Miss Emmerson added: 
‘I believe learning about consent starts from age zero. Much is learnt by young children from everyday experiences about whether or not their opinion is valued and if they have any control over physical contact with others. Intervening may be awkward... but it is necessary if we are truly to teach children that their bodies are their own'...
Suggesting alternatives to the child such as a high-five, a hug, blowing a kiss or a wave put the child in control'...
Dr Meg Barker, a psychology lecturer at The Open University who co-edits the journal Psychology and Sexuality also warns in the e-magazine:

‘At the moment coercive practices are quite commonplace in everyday lives unfortunately, from friends and family members kissing and cuddling kids when they don’t want that to happen, to friends and family trying to persuade each other to engage in social events that they don’t want to go to through guilt and manipulation.’

Margaret Morrissey, of family campaign group Parents Outloud, described the recommendation as ‘ridiculous...
The Sex Education Forum is trying to take any kind of human feeling and kindness out of the way we bring up children... If a child isn’t taught through the family connection how to show appropriate affection, then they’re going to have a very difficult time when they become teenagers and adults'." 
On 26 April 2013, The Telegraph told us that Lucy Emmerson's Sex Education Forum had published a report which directed youngsters to, 'an advice forum for young people, which tells teenagers that 'porn can be great'.'
“Sex is great," said TheSite. "And porn can be great... If you can separate the fantasy from the reality you’re much more likely to enjoy both.”
Babysitters required for little girl seen in the topmost photograph.

Choose two from the four adults featured.

You chose Lucy Emmerson and Meg Barker?

Seek help.

Meg Barker is a lesbian. Not sure about Ms Emmerson but I guarantee Margaret and the unnamed grannie are not.

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