Friday, 20 December 2013

Romanians are seven times more criminally inclined than us?

On 14 December 2013, Meg Jorsh told us this in The Daily Star:

"Romanian immigrants are being arrested at seven times the rate of native Brits! Around 800 people from the Eastern European state were collared in London alone last month, shock new police figures reveal...

Police say that for every 1,000 Romanians in the capital, 183 are arrested, compared to just 26 Brits. They fear the figures could rise even higher when restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants are lifted on January 1.
Flaws have been found in cross-border intelligence checks that could be letting dangerous criminals slip through the net."
Why on earth would our leaders wish to import such people? What do they have to gain? Nothing, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing, that is, if they are not at war with us. If they are, however, they have everything to gain.

If the politician and those who own him are at war with us, the more criminally inclined outsiders they insert into our society, the more mayhem, unhappiness and destruction will result. And the more mayhem, unhappiness and destruction that results, the closer they are to winning the war they wage upon us.

They ARE at war with us. They have been at war with us for a very long time. The immigrant is their footsoldier.

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