Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The sons and daughters of the founders of Israel

On 28 November 2008, radio host and outspoken internet big shot, Alex Jones, ‘the Most Dangerous Man in America’, said this on Prison Planet TV:
“I have been aware of Rahm Emanuel for, well since 1995 when I really got informed, started getting informed… And early on I learned who the enemy of the Republic was, a great enemy, a kind of a new type, a new generation of a George Schultz, super-gopher for the New World Order, or a Henry Kissinger or a Brzezinski, and that's Rahm Emanuel… He wants to ban Americans owning fire-arms. He spearheaded the assault weapons ban… He has sworn to get our guns! That’s the new Chief of Staff they’re talking about… it’s really bad folks…

Come on folks: Every key person in the Bush Administration, and now in this next administration, just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people and who are openly not even US citizens: And they openly are at the head of the table in the anti-gun operations in the US. And I'm sick of it!
I mean Rahm Emanuel has been in the Israeli military, he gets up on news and says he's Israel first. And I've had enough of it. I mean I am really getting sick of it. I am really getting tired of it.
It’s one thing to have powerful elements of Israeli lobby all over the Bush administration, and being some of the most energetic cheerleaders for the Patriot Act and torture and police-state measures and warrantless spying, and that’s bad. But to have a Rahm Emanuel whose father was one of the head-terrorists that founded Israel, and Rahm himself who is Israel-military, Israeli-Intelligence, a dual-citizen… 
It’s bad, on its face its wrong. On its face it stinks to high heaven.

And in Haaretz, in the Jerusalem Post, in the Agency French Press, these are the headlines: ‘Obama's Choice for Chief of Staff Puts Israel's Man in the White House.'

And that's the headline in Israel. You know, ‘We run the White House,’ ‘We've go the White House.’ I mean -- but then as an American citizen, I'm not supposed to mention that. I'm supposed to just sit down and shut up and go along with that.

Now to add insult to injury, here -- I mean, do you need to have questionable birth, questionable birth, or you know, have your lineage in this country be about a centimeter deep like Obama to be president now? Do you have to not be born here and say you want to be a Hitler dictator to be a governor? Do you have to be an open, you know, Mossad officer, like Chertoff or Mukasey or Rahm Emanuel? I mean, do you have to be a foreigner to run our government?

I mean, is it not enough that Israeli government runs the company that does 98 per cent of caller I.D. and phone tracking in the nation? That's been mainstream news. Is it not enough that Israel has the sole contract to 'guard the nuclear weapons?' Our own government doesn't even have control of them! Is it not enough that Israel had fingerprints all over 9/11? The Executive Branch is nothing but a nozzle to suck up the wealth and the treasury of this country and offshore it. 
This country is now under total darkness. This nation is now completely and totally under international crime syndicate control. A consortium of wicked robber barons, black nobility, that is: the old royal families of Europe, intermarried and interbred with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, I mean go read the newspapers, it's all admitted right there. They don't even hide this stuff.

And so if Agency French Press and Jerusalem Post can run headlines with the headline ‘Israel's Man in the White House’, I mean go read it for yourself up on infowars. com and prisonplanet. com. I would be against that period: having these people openly say, 'I work for the Mossad.' I mean, the Attorney General, Mukasey, the Homeland Security Director, Chertoff, his mother and father both founders of Israel and Mossad, and he openly says 'Israel first?' And then we have Rahm Emanuel and all these other people, and they don't even care, they just say, 'Yeah. Yeah. And we're going to take your guns!' 
And you know what, the churches, the Zionist churches, the mainline Christians, the phony Christians. I'm a Christian, people misunderstood what I said yesterday, I said, 'These phony Christians saying 'lay down, wait for the Rapture.' And FEMA and Homeland Security hiring 24,000 preachers to go around and give their flocks sermons saying 'turn your guns in, submit to government' and they've got the heads of major denominations on TV saying it right now.

I mean, folks, this is life and death, now. This government is totally bankrupt and totally criminal. And now the mindless Left, who could see the police state under Bush, they're now completely blind and cheerleading Obama the new puppet who runs nothing."
Rahm Emanuel was the first person appointed to Barack Obama’s administration in 2008.

Obama’s Chief of Staff left office in late 2010 having failed to get America’s guns. Alex Jones and the US citizenry still have them.

Emanuel, who had never previously been resident in Chicago, was appointed the city’s Mayor on 22 February 2011.

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