Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Nelson Mandela and the media's obnoxious, sycophantic lies

In the wake of the blanket media coverage following Nelson Mandela’s death, former UKIP leadership candidate, Rodney Atkinson, said this in the 13 December 2013 edition of The Telegraph :
“No one who knows what is actually happening in South Africa will have swallowed the obnoxious, sycophantic lies.”
Describing the ‘rainbow nation’ as a ‘blatantly black racist country’ where ‘qualified white professionals’ are being discriminated against, Rodney added:
“Mandela and his ANC were about to turn South Africa into a Marxist, communist country when they were bought off by the American Democratic Party and big multi-national business who showered the new black rulers with wealth and power, and, above all, with favourable international media coverage, in the lead on which was, of course, the BBC, despite its treatment by that other genocidal racist Marxist, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe… 
His legacy is a murderous one, comparable, in its racist and economic persecution of a minority, to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews… Whites, especially the young and well-qualified, have been leaving South Africa for years.”
Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, these days it’s not just the ‘far right’ who are prepared to put two fingers up at the ‘sycophantic lies’ of the left-wing media and tell the whole truth, warts and all. There are one or two mainstream journalists and politicians, and a good many at the fringe who are prepared to do so as well.

Keep it up, Rodney.

After 1,834 viewers and listeners had complained to the BBC ‘as the airwaves continue to be flooded with tributes’, the organisation responded thus:
“Nelson Mandela was one of the most important world leaders of the 20th century... His political and cultural influence was global and as both a UK and international broadcaster it is important that we reflected that, and the range of reactions to his death, to all our audiences.”
‘Range of reactions?’ Anyone out there hear any ‘legacy is a murderous one’ reactions aired by the Beeb? How about the fact that a ‘genocidal racist’ was ‘about to turn South Africa into a Marxist, communist country?’ I don’t think the airwaves would have been quite so flooded if the BBC had been true to its word and supplied us with a variety of information. As opposed to the wall-to-wall PC guff.

Rowan Atkinson, of Mr Bean and Blackadder fame, is Rodney Atkinson’s brother.

A member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland, Unionist politician, Jim Allisterwas also less complimentary than most
"I think the uncritical hysteria following the death is verging on propaganda… I was particularly struck by the uncritical coverage by the BBC, ignoring part of the story which they clearly do not want to be seen. They've fallen over themselves to see the positivity, with one view, but not highlighting the pursuit and endorsement of terrorism which left a trail of victims.”
On 9 December 2013, in the Northern Ireland assembly, he added:
“Nelson Mandela was blessed with a very long life that was drawn to a close by natural causes, something that cannot be said about the many victims of his ANC or about the many victims of the IRA that his ANC so avidly supported. That is a perspective and reality that needs to be spoken and remembered, particularly given the uncritical tsunami of hysteria that there has been following the death of Nelson Mandela.” 
On 6 December, he had previously posted this comment on Facebook: 
"When Baroness Thatcher died the BBC fell over itself to show balance; Mandela dies and BBC eschews anything approaching balance."

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