Sunday, 15 December 2013

How to maximise the benefit claims of unwanted foreigners!

On 14 December 2013, Jason Groves told us this in The Daily Mail:
“The Unite union is offering to teach unemployed Romanians and Bulgarians HOW TO CLAIM BENEFITS in Britain. The organisation, Labour’s biggest donor, is courting foreigners from the two countries as part of a membership drive. It offers the advice AS A REWARD FOR SIGNING UP to the union. It has even issued membership forms in Romanian and Bulgarian, despite the Government, and Labour, saying immigrants should learn English.

The unemployed are offered the chance to join the union for just 50p a week. In return, Unite says it will offer new arrivals with advice on HOW TO MAXIMISE BENEFIT CLAIMS…
In recent years Unite, led by Len McCluskey, has directly targeted immigrant workers in a bid to swell its membership, and coffers… In 2011 its political officer, Clare Moody, met with Alexandru Petrescu and Ciprian Bolos, the UK representatives of Romania’s Social Democratic Party, in a bid to urge migrant workers to join the British union.

The union now issues its membership forms in a range of foreign languages, including those of countries whose workers do not have an automatic right to work in this country, such as Ukraine, Turkey and China… Members are also offered free personal injury advice to pursue compensation claims.”

So, now it’s not just LibLabCon encouraging foreigners to come and take our jobs, it’s the Unions as well! And some of you, you know, the my-dad-voted-Labour-so-I-vote-Labour-as-well and the once-a-union-man-always-a-union-man types, STILL think the foreigner-first folk at the top of the Socialist tree in Britain are on your side? Are you kidding me? You cannot possibly not get the fact that they aren’t just giving away British jobs to foreigners when they get here, they’re giving them away before they arrive!

What’s the matter with you people? I know they’ve dumbed us all down and drugged us all up but, surely, you cannot possibly be that dense! If I get what it says here in black and white, why don’t you?

The biggest Union in the country, ‘Labour’s biggest donor,’ is doing everything in its power to get huge numbers of foreigners to come here. The kind of people the Union is after are those who will be your direct competitors in the jobs market!

This isn’t just ‘rubbing the right’s nose in diversity,’ as Andrew Neather, so famously said (his excuse for New Labour’s secret plan to flood the country with immigrants), this is rubbing the nose of the British working man and woman, so many of whom are currently unemployed, in diversity as well!

The 'Union for life?' On the contrary, if Unite is now in the business of 'courting foreigners... as part of a membership drive,' then it will be the death of the British worker!

This is beyond treason, ladies and gentlemen, this is war! They, the establishment, the powers-that-be, the politicians, the banks, the multinationals, the media, the immigrant, and now our own union leaders, are art war with us.

And, by God, if the fact that those who are supposed to protect YOUR rights in the workplace are it as well doesn’t wake you up to the unrelenting attack upon us by the global elite and their bought-and-paid-for Oberleutnants in Westminster and Great Russell Street, nothing will.

If you don't stop kowtowing to those who have your worst interests at heart real soon, ladies and gentlemen, you can kiss goodbye to your children's future. Really, with parents like you, they don't have one.

Jack Dromey, husband of the Labour Party's high priestess of political correctness, Harriet Harman, is now an MP. From 2003 to 2010, he was the Deputy General Secretary of Unite. In that position he is on record as having said these things:
"Our economy needs migrant labour, they are essential. It would be impracticable but also immoral to deport half a million people. Who would clean? Who would cook? The time has come for a debate around amnesty for those workers".
'Who would clean? who would cook?' Truly a sentiment worthy of the husband of a silver-spoon lady who has a Prime Minister and a Chancellor of the Exchequer close up in her pedigree.

Lord Longford (Myra Hindley's pal) was her uncle and the writers Thomas Pakenham, Rachel Billington and Lady Antonia Fraser are her cousins. (Fraser was married to the playwright, Harold Pinter, until his death)

She is the great-granddaughter of Arthur Chamberlain, the brother of Joseph, who served under Gladstone and Lord Salisbury. Joseph was the father of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Austen, who was both Chancellor and Foreign Secretary.

Obviously, a woman who can closely identify with the wants and needs of the British working-classes then.

Just like her husband.

Jack Dromey has also said:
"We will act as the champion of migrant workers, they enrich our life. Migrant workers should be organised and not marginalised. We will confront the cancer of racism in the workplace. We will ensure action in parliament. We will combat racism in the community. The brain-dead boot boys of the BNP will never have a place in the T&G."
He said something similar in a speech at the TUC conference on 15 September 2004:
"I love living in Herne Hill/Brixton, with its thriving Afro-Caribbean culture. Next door is Peckham with the largest African community in Britain. I know of no more decent and hard-working peoples. Give me the Peckham African community any day to the brain-dead BNP boot boys of Burnley.

Our task is not to fear migrant workers, but instead to welcome them to our shores".
If you need any more convincing of the treachery at the heart of elite Socialism in this country, watch the up-to-date version of trades union leadership slither in this YouTube video:

Dromey's Irish father was 'welcomed to our shores' in 1938. He, too, became a trades union leader.

One hopes he cared more for the British worker than his son.

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