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Britain has an ethnic problem - THE ENGLISH!

In a 30 August 2010 interview with Toronto Life, Doug Saunders, the European correspondent for Toronto's Globe and Mail, said this of immigrants:
"Assimilation works both ways—they become a bit like us, and we become a bit like them."
What if we don't want to become anything like the people we never wanted here in the first place, Doug? What if they don't want to become anything like us? Doug adds:
"The unpleasant aspects of village cultures, like arranged marriages and religious orthodoxy, come to the fore during moments of transition."
They're you go! Wouldn't these 'unpleasant aspects' be a very good reason for not wanting them here?

Katherine Ashenburg put this question to Doug:
"To research your book, you travelled to some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world. Were you ever scared?"
He replied:
"Rio de Janeiro was dangerous. Teenagers who work for the reigning drug lords confront you with firearms before you can enter their turf, and then, when you get past them, there are more kids with guns guarding bricks of cocaine... That’s scary."
He then added:
"Those gun-toting kids are making some of the best music in the world... 'Dangerous' slums are never what they seem."
Oh yes, that's your PC wagtail for you, bigging up the teenage gun-toters who protect the local drug Lord. The fawning progressive would just have to find something positive to say about them.

There are, of course, some that the Dougies of this planet would much rather denigrate and dismiss than defend. Here's an example.

On 7 December 2013, he said this in Canada's Globe and Mail:
"Let’s face it: Britain has an ethnic problem. Its patchwork of peoples, once the envy of the world, has become frayed, its harmony devolving into anger and xenophobia. And, we should be honest, the problem is rooted in one ethnic group, one large but troubled people who are failing to integrate into modern post-industrial society...

This community is falling behind educationally and economically... self-segregating into ethnic enclaves, becoming increasingly prone to violence, rioting and substance abuse...

More troubling, in recent years they have begun to vote for ethnic extremist parties that threaten to undermine basic British values. Who are these people? The English. Once a tolerant, welcoming people who thrived in scholarship and commerce, they have become a drag on British society."
You get this? A bought-and-paid-for, on-message Canadian thinks we have become a drag on the society that we made! As for the 2011 riots and the riots that have broken out at intermittent intervals since the Windrush arrived, who was rioting? Was it the English? Well, once in a while I guess some did, but compared to our black neighbours the rioting English were negligible. Doug probably knows this but he's never going to say it, is he? Someone who thinks the English are a 'drag' on English society is never going to tell the truth about such things. Doug continues:
"They have become Britain’s problem group. Government figures show that 'white English' students are now outperformed in school results by British children of Bangladeshi, Ghanaian, Indian, Sierra Leonean, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese and Nigerian ancestry."
If this is really the case, then I expect being tutored in classrooms full of children that don't speak the language, with Doug-like teachers forever excusing the alien as they point one accusing finger after another at 'Britain's problem group', might have something to do with the creation of a 'problem' that, a few short years ago, didn't exist. Doug adds:
"A decade ago, it seemed as if Britons with darker skin colours were trapped behind the English in education and income. But it’s all changed. In 2009, Bangladeshi-British kids soared ahead of the English; black African kids caught up with them in 2010 and Pakistani kids are on course to pass them this year."
Do you think he might be gloating here? As opposed to sympathising?
"Unlike the island’s other ethnic groups, low-income members of the English community seem determined to stay poor and uneducated."
Oh yes, these negative comparisons are definitely turning this chap on.
"On top of this, or perhaps because of it, the English are now self-segregating into isolated, and sometimes impoverished, uni-ethnic enclaves. Some 600,000 white English people moved out of the mixed-ethnicity districts of London between 2001 and 2011 for less integrated areas."
It's called white flight, Doug. The native English desperately trying to get away from alien trespassers forced upon them by sneering anti-Brits like you.
"The English are more prone than other groups to drop out of school early, to live on welfare benefits, to become unhealthy and to engage in crime."
Drop out earlier and more inclined to live on welfare benefits than a whole host of all-new, fabulously contributive Britons? I find this a bit difficult to believe, Doug. Where's your evidence?

Becoming more unhealthy wouldn't surprise me but as for engagement in crime, compared to the Black and Asian communities, that's just a flat lie. You're a liar, Doug. And a racist. A traitorous, anti-White racist. I don't like using that PC bogey word but, boy-oh-boy, your contempt for the off-message English is palpable.

"Riots led by ethnic English youths tore the cities of England apart in the summer of 2011, while ethnic Turks, Bangladeshis and Africans guarded shops and became heroes for rescuing people from the riots.

It gets worse, doesn't it? The English did join in, in places but the black communities started it and they were, per capita, over-represented in the subsequent court cases by a considerable margin.

42 per cent of those subsequently charged were white, 46 per cent were black, 7 per cent were Asian and 5 per cent were classified as 'other.'

Thus, as there were about fourteen times as many white people in England as black in 2011, a black person was about 15 times more likely to riot than a White.

Those who died in the riots were all killed by Blacks and they were responsible for the majority of the looting and destruction of property as well. It would seem that this propagandist has little interest in reporting the actuality.

As for Dougie's so-called 'heroes,' when the English came together to defend their communities from the looter, the police 'kettled' them. When the non-native did the same, the media praised them to high heaven. Just as this Canadian Anglophobs is doing now.
"There is a constant sense that the poor English are about to break out in violence."
Really? Personally, I think such a 'break out' against the culture imposed by those who want us gone is long overdue but I can't see it happening for a while yet. Mind you, if all the anti-Brits were to start taking the p*** at this supercharged level at the same time, well, anything could happen. Doug continues:
"It is now beginning to affect Britain’s future. Growing numbers of the ethnic English are casting votes for the extremist UK Independence Party, which seeks to end immigration and pull Britain out of Europe."
UKIP? Extremist? Only in the warped and wonderless dystopia of those who destroyed the peaceful, stable and cohesive society that was ours just fifty years ago.
"The party seems poised to capture a third of Britain’s seats in next year’s European Parliament elections."
Fingers crossed.
"Their threat has caused the English community’s traditional party, the Conservatives, to become less moderate. Prime Minister David Cameron has recently taken a weird turn into anti-immigrant nastiness, denying benefits to newcomers (even though immigrants rarely claim unemployment benefits) and buying into an implausible media theory about Romanians and Bulgarians flooding the country, all to appease the ethnic English."
F*** me! Is this creep for real? Immigrants rarely claim unemployment benefits? Romanians and Bulgarians are model Europeans? He's just making it up, isn't he? Oh, and by the way, any 'weird... anti-immigrant nastiness' is purely for show. And even then, a migrant-friendly, pseudo-Liberal wagtail like Cameron is never going to be that unfriendly, not even in jest.
"These xenophobic attitudes are harming Britain’s economy."
Heard that one a thousand times before, Doug. Funny how we managed to survive without them for so long, isn't it. You know, back when we ruled half the earth? Where were all the immigrants then? There were a few, but not enough to notice or make a difference to the ethnic mix. Not enough to invent race laws and political correctness in order to protect them as they took over anyway.
"Don’t get me wrong about the English... their culture is not without its charm. But they need help."
We sure do. But not from you, Dougie. Not from another alien social engineer who knows so much better than we do what'll be good for us, by God.
"Ethnic English numbers are growing, and if they’re allowed to gain any more influence in British society, they could be trouble."
Wow! What's your answer then, Doug? Should we neuter a few million, perhaps? Marry the rest to the newcomers and thereby forcibly procure the mixed-race melting pot? After all, we must make sure the  English don't breed with each other. There could be 'trouble' if they do!

Actually, the growing numbers assertion is just another Saunders whopper. Comparatively, ours are dwindling, whilst the ethnic quotient grows exponentially.

When I first read this anti-English nonsense, I thought it must be some kind of reverse mickey take. So I checked out his other essays. It's no joke. He means what he says, even if he fantasises and makes stuff up. Saunders says straight out what the rest of the PC Crowd thinks.

If, by any chance, you want your world back, you might try voting for the 'xenophobic', the 'extremist' and the 'troubled' next time round. In other words, you should vote for your own. Whatever has happened to our world in the last 60 years, good or bad, your own were not responsible. You were. They weren't. You voted for creeps like Saunders. All the xenophobes ever did was tell the politically incorrect truth. Something those who would cast UKIP as 'extremist' seem incapable of doing.

After all the anti-English sentiment expressed in the preceding paragraphs, I find it interesting that Doug Saunders chooses to live in England. As he says in the Toronto Life article:
"I live a nerdy version of a quiet domestic life with Elizabeth Renzetti, my wife, and our two children in London. We have one cat, nine computers 9and) a big backyard and a collection of antique lab equipment. Lately we’ve been exploring England’s villages."
I'd bet you any money he and his family don't live in Brixton, Tottenham or Hackney. I'd also bet that there are more English people living there than in most other areas of London.

Our capital is now, by the way, just 43% native white, which should please the subject of this essay no end.

Here's a sample of Saunders' recent work. 

Conservatives face new reality: Embrace immigrants and gays or lose power.
10 Myths About Muslims in the West.
The unfounded fear of Muslim immigration.
The Myth of the Muslim Tide

It doesn't get any better, does it?


  1. Hi Michael, Just thought it worth a mention, that this stunning example of our kin is also a literary prize winner.

    The following exerpt from wikipeadia:

    He is the author of the book Arrival City (2011), in which he visited 20 locations on five continents to study the effects of the final wave of rural-urban migration on the cities of the world. It was the winner of the $35,000 Donner Prize, honouring the best book on public affairs in Canada, one of the five finalists for the 2011 Lionel Gelber Prize honouring the world's best book on international affairs, and for the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.

    Same "tribe" rewarding and pulling the strings yet again..

  2. Oh, the establishment does love to reward those who behave.

    Yes indeed.