Monday, 4 November 2013

White people should be exterminated!

Type this into Google: 
"White people should be" 
Google then provides a list of the most commonly used phrases resembling the above in its database.

2,190,000 results provide the following most chosen options:

It would appear that those who preach and/or subscribe to the concept of diversity want we white folks 'enslaved' or 'exterminated.'

You O.K. with this?

Here's a black chap who is:

Here's another:

Here's a Jewish gent who isn't too keen on us either:


They are at war with us, ladies and gentlemen.

They really are.


  1. Not trying to be clever but did you see what 'black people should be' came up with?

    black people should be exterminated
    black people should be thankful for slavery
    black people should be shot

    However 'jews should be' came up with nothing very negative.

    Change search to 'black people should' and it comes up with hopefully something blacks and whites can agree with- black people should go back to Africa.

    I think most Western nations would be happy to receive all Whites from oppression in Africa in exchange for all the African-exiles in Western nations.

  2. Got me there, anonymous. As regards cleverness, as long as it's factual, please feel free to try, try and try again. I will say this though: number four on the black people list was, "treated equally." Such occasional benevolence was not part of the plan for Whitey.

  3. I agree, we strive for truth and facts, and I also agree they don't/won't/wouldn't treat whitey equally.

    I just saw a depressing programme on world population, Africa is set to grow to 4 Billion people by 2100, whilst the rest of the world population stagnates.
    The Truth About Population

    All these ‘feed the hungry African charities’ should be banned or replaced with ‘sterilize the Africans’. It beyond a joke that Ishell did just that to the Ethiopian jews, but any White person suggesting it would probably sent to prison for hate crimes.

  4. Well, that's how THEY always intended us gone (without physical warfare). Encourage us, from 1910 or so onwards, to responsibly limit our families, Then ship over the irresponsible fast-breeders after WW2. And then, make us wipe the behinds of the irresponsible until there's no more of us left to do so. Both here and elsewhere.

    Nice genocidal little scam if you're genocidally inclined.