Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Russell Brand says politicians are frauds!

In a 5 November 2013 Guardian article, the comedian Russell Brand described himself as ‘a right twerp… a junkie.’ 

Well, I don’t like junkies, I haven’t got time for twerps and I truly loathe the PC Crowd, of which awful bunch I’m sure Brand would claim membership. I’m also generally suspicious of left-wing, luvvie revolutionaries who happen to be multi-millionaires.

Nevertheless, on the rare occasions an obscenely over-compensated, politically correct, junkie twerp Red with a 'Messiah' complex tells it as it is, I’m happy to pass on the truths he tells to others.

Here is an edition of what he said in The Guardian:
“Politicians are frauds… The distinctions between the parties are insignificant. My friend went to a posh 'do' in the country where David Cameron… was in attendance. Also present were members of the opposition and former prime minister Tony Blair. Whatever party they claim to represent in the day, at night they show their true colours and all go to the same party… Our treasured concepts of tribe and nation are not valued by those who govern except when it is to divide us from each other. They don't believe in Britain or America they believe in the dollar and the pound.

Drone strikes on the innocent, a festering investment for future conflict. How many combatants are created each time an innocent person in a faraway land is silently ironed out from an Arizona call centre? The reality is we have more in common with the people we're bombing than the people we're bombing them for…

The US government gave a trillion dollars to bail out the big five banks over the past year. Banks that have grown by 30% since the crisis and are experiencing record profits and giving their execs record bonuses. How about… don't give them that money, use it to create one million jobs at fifty grand a year for people who teach, nurse or protect. These bailouts for elites over services for the many are institutionalised within the system, no party proposes changing it…
Philip Green, the bloke who owns Top Shop didn't pay any income tax on a £1.2bn dividend in 2005. None... The people who clean Top Shop paid more income tax than he did.

That's for two reasons, firstly because he said that all of his £1.2bn earnings belong to his missus, who was registered in Monaco and secondly because he's an arsehole.

The money he's nicked through legal loopholes would pay the annual salary for 20,000 NHS nurses…
If more young people are talking about fracking instead of twerking we're heading in the right direction. The people that govern us don't want an active population who are politically engaged, they want passive consumers distracted by the spectacle of which I accept I am a part."
Well said Russell. As regards the bits of your essay I left in anyway.

I wonder if he's aware of the fact that Sir Philip Green is Jewish? Shouldn't think so. I don't think your average left-wing luvvie is going to mess with with the blokes who own and control the majority of the Western World's media. He might find opportunities to augment his ever-increasing fortune disappearing quicker than it takes for a funny man to say: 'he's an arsehole!'

Mind you, Russell did have a pretty nasty crack at Andrew Sachs, (a much worthier Jewish icon than Green) didn't he? He got away with that so perhaps those who want our world destroyed think the generality of his degenerate contribution more valuable than the off-message particulars.

The trouble with junkie-twerp-luvvie-Reds is this: when they talk about serving 'the people', folks like me aren't included in that designation. If you're white, indigenous and not in favour of their PC agenda, you're a non-person. Someone who doesn't deserve to figure in the lovely, fluffy not quite all-inclusive Brandesque Utopia.

Indeed, you are probably someone whose views must be howled down. (As is the left-wing way) In favour of views like this:
"One day Britain will have a black Prime Minister! Good! Good... This is a multicultural society, be good to have a black Prime Minister!" (2002 documentary, 'Nazi Boy', in conversation with BNP's Mark Collett
Never mind. When God lies, we must condemn him as a liar. When the Devil tells the truth, we should applaud his honesty. In an age of spin and deceit, getting to grips with hard, unspun reality, when fraudulent 'politicians... all go to the same party,' is more important than the testamentary precision of our supernatural overlords.

And much more important than the fact that the reality-provider in question happens to be, to use Russell's own nomenclature, a 'w***ker.'

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  1. Mirrored my thoughts on Brand.

    If he joins the dots and names the kike, great, but his career will go bye-bye.

    On his show BRAND X, he brings out the jew to draw conclusions on news and events.

    An appropriate subject matter.