Thursday, 21 November 2013

Coward Brown left us £157billion in debt!

In a November 2013 speech at the ‘Labour Assembly Against Austerity’ conference, former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, said this:
“Gordon Brown was borrowing £20 billion a year at the height of the boom in the first decade of this century in order to avoid having to increase taxes, because he wanted to increase public spending. It was an act of cowardice…

British governments, Left and Right, have borrowed money because they haven’t had the courage either to make the cuts that you need to balance the budget or the tax increases you need to balance the budget.”
Following Red Ken’s intervention, Joe Murphy, political editor of The Evening Standard, informed us thus:
“The Brown government left a deficit of £157 billion… the largest in Britain’s peacetime history, after eight consecutive years of spending more money than it received in revenues.”
Fair play to Commie traitors when they come clean, I say. Especially when they're dishing the dirt on their own treacherous crew.

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