Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Immigration is bordering on insanity!

On 15 October 2013, the article 'Immigration is bordering on insanity', appeared in The Daily Star.

This said:
"Britain has been swamped with foreigners, pushing our creaking public services to breaking point. And now we’re told 600,000 have flocked here from EU countries to claim benefits. That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Glasgow. They don’t work. And they’re putting a £1.5billion dent in our overstretched NHS alone.

Imagine how much they’re really costing us overall. Britain is fighting back from the worst recession in living memory. And a drain on our economy of this magnitude is massively damaging.

It’s time to sort this borders mess out once and for all.

Stop giving handouts to all and sundry who want to live here. And ensure British money is spent on British people.

Maybe then this country’s immigration problem will finally be solved."
The country's 'immigration problem' will only 'be solved' when the politicians who import the alien stand trial for treason. They, and those who own them, are at war, not just with the British people, but the whole of the white world.

Mass migration of the third (and second) world hordes is happening everywhere where White Westerner is in the majority.

We do not want it, we have never wanted it, of course we haven't, but those we vote for ensure we get it good and hard.

In a true democracy the will of the people would rule. It doesn't and never has here. Throughout the white world the will of the majority has been ignored for many decades.

Mostly, those who bitch about it deserve everything they get. Time after time they have voted for those who despise them. Time after time they vote for those who pay no attention to their wants, needs and concerns. Time after time their electoral foolishness has secured ever more power for those who are at war with them, their children and their grandchildren.

The politicians and their globalist owners are at war with the people of the western world.

The immigrant is their footsoldier.


  1. Re: look who gets the first £1 house in Liverrpool

    Did you see the queue in London for the new Iphone? This isn't England.


  2. Indeed I did see that queue. In fact you'll find the story linked to at this site here:


  3. I noticed the first reported family to get a £1 house were immigrants. I expect most of those houses will go to immigrants, with a few token whites scattered sparsely in between, forced to mix.

    I know a lot of white people, myself included, who never stood a chance of getting help with housing. We have been unable to achieve what our parents could, many people I know have not had children because they have no stable base to house a family. But housing associations and councils like Newham have tripped over their own feet in their hurry to house third worlders.

    Those who have continued to vote lib/lab/con are complicit in their own demise, because they have been so badly educated and guilt tripped that they can't see it, and keep voting for their own destruction.

    I've voted BNP for years, only to see it sabotaged by its own leader. I'll be voting UKIP next time, but I won't be holding my breath for anything to change, even if they do get a lot of votes.

  4. Ha, good one.

    The majority of those guys were probably getting new iphones for marked up ebay sales of £1000 or whatever.

  5. The only solution is change the boss at the top,restoration of our true monarchy,only he can sort out this mess.