Tuesday, 8 October 2013

NATO caused Afghanistan a lot of suffering and no gains!

On 7 October 2013, Hamid Kharzai, the President of Afghanistan, was quoted thus by The Telegraph:
"On the security front the entire NATO exercise was one that caused Afghanistan a lot of suffering, a lot of loss of life, and NO GAINS because the country is not secure... I am not happy to say that there is partial security. That's not what we are seeking. What we wanted was absolute security and a clear-cut war against terrorism...

THE RETURN OF THE TALIBAN will not undermine progress. This country needs to have peace. I am willing to stand for anything that will bring peace to Afghanistan... I have no doubt that there will be more Afghan young girls and women studying and getting higher education and better job opportunities. There is no doubt about that; even if the Taliban come that will not end, that will not slow down."
2,200 American and 440 British dead later, it is as we always said it was and would be. Just like Iraq, it it NOT what the bought politicians said it was or would be. It is NEVER what they say it is, it is NEVER how they say it is, it is NEVER why they say it is. Politicians in power lie. They are the worst enemies of all of us.

Check out what David Davis, former Shadow Home Secretary, Tory leadership contestant and a politician out of power, dared to say five years ago (12 October 2008) on The Andrew Marr Show.

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