Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mass immigration: an achievement to celebrate!

On 19 January 2013, Barbara Roche, co-founder of Migration Matters and Tony Blair's former Immigration and Asylum Minister, said this in The Independent:
“Labour has a record on immigration it can be proud of… The assumption behind the Immigration Act 1971 was that ‘primary immigration’ should be ended and migration was not a ‘political good’. The opposite is true… Legal migration is, in an age of globalisation, an economic, social and cultural good…

With Jack Straw's blessing, I chose to shift the terms of the debate. I used an address to the IPPR to outline the enormous contribution migrants had made to the UK, to argue the case for managed migration…

There has been a remarkable reversal on this issue by some on the left. The aggressive rhetoric against ‘illiberal’ policies has been replaced by the accusation we let down the white working-class. Suddenly it’s trendy to echo the rhetoric of Migrationwatch, who (say): ‘This has happened as a direct result of Labour’s policy of mass migration’…
Britain’s identity has, in part, been forged by the contribution of generations of migrants. That is an achievement to celebrate.”
No apology for whacking us with what we never wanted there then. As for the ID 'forged by... migrants,' check out the Rogues' Gallery . And then take a peek at Anti-Semitism or Treason?

Roche’s parents were immigrant Jews. Jack Straw, who gave her policies his ‘blessing’ is also Jewish.

Migration Matters was founded by Roche, Lord Navnit Dholakia, an immigrant himself, and the ghastly Tory goofball, Gavin Barwell.

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