Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Carnival is the shining jewel in the crown of multiculturalism

On 31 August 2013, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson said this in The Sun:
“Politicians keep telling us that Britain is now ‘multicultural.’ But I’m not completely sure they know what they’re talking about…

Police tell us the Notting Hill Carnival was 'peaceful'… a tremendous event which brings us all together in a gooey muddle of love and music and strangely-scented tobacco…
They post amusing videos on YouTube, showing officers dancing with the crowds and twerking. Lovely. But from where I was sitting, about a mile down the road, it sounded like I was on the set of Hill Street Blues. Every few moments a cop car screamed past, its siren blaring and then, before it had faded into the distance, a convoy of ambulances roared by, their lights flashing…
Meanwhile, high in the sky a police surveillance helicopter spent all day hovering over the same spot, its camera pointed ominously into the crowds. It was like being in Soviet Russia. Peaceful? Doesn’t sound that way to me…

If there were 300 arrests at a football match and 300 injuries, there would be hell to pay. There’d be bans and fines and the club would be told that unless they bucked their ideas up, there would be no more football in their stadium until the end of time.

But of course, the Notting Hill Carnival is the shining jewel in the crown of multiculturalism. So it was peaceful and wonderful and everyone got on terribly well.”
In other words, politicians are full of sh*t and we're insane or a couple of light years beyond stupid for ever voting for them.

301 people were arrested at the 2013 Carnival. Of these, 96 were held for drug crimes, 64 for public order offences and and the rest were arrested for carrying weapons, assaults on police officers or GBH. There were also 3 reported sex attacks.

More than 300 people were treated for cuts, bruises and alcohol-related injuries. There were 6,000 officers on duty on Sunday and just under 7,000 on Bank Holiday Monday.

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