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The shameful scapegoating of immigrants?

On 4 August 2013, Yasmin Alibhai Brown’s essay, The Government’s shameful scapegoating of immigrants  appeared in The Sunday Independent.
This, in part, is it:
“The Home Office is on a mission to intimidate Kipling’s ‘fluttered folk and wild’ abroad and in the UK. It is proud to be institutionally racist, very proud indeed. It has figures to show just how many bloody foreigners have been dealt with and what awaits the others. 
In June a new £3,000 bond was imposed on visitors from ‘high risk’ nations in Asia and Africa; overseas students from those continents are actively discouraged from coming to our universities. Blatantly discriminatory rules have been instituted; international treaties and human rights legislation are neglected. The nation is dishonoured again by its keepers.

On Friday, on BBC News, Home Office bully boys were shown rounding up dark-skinned folk in specially targeted multiracial localities. In Southall in west London, outraged Asian women defied them and objected volubly. Some were from Southall Black Sisters, a collective which, for years, has defended gender and minority rights… In previous decades they demonstrated against… the law which denied foreign-born wives legal status for years. And again when the National Front marched through Southall.

The scenes on TV reminded me of South Africa’s pass laws. I broke down and cried inconsolably. Before this latest official persecution, Home Office vans were spotted in inner-city areas with nasty signs telling illegal migrants to go home…

We who came to stay jumped through hoops of fire to gain some acceptance… When will our governments stop pissing on non-white migrants?…

Immigration detention centres, run by private companies, treat inmates like vermin…

Britons who are fair and open-minded are appalled by the ceaseless hostility towards incomers. They daren’t speak out because of the overpowering pressure to follow the populist line. Trolls are out to get us too.

The Tories always use the race/immigration card.”
Really? The playing of the 'race card' isn't the sole prerogative of the Yasmins? First I've heard of it.
I entered the following comment underneath the article:
"Shameful, Yaz? Here's shameful – on 29 July Leo McKinstry told us this in The Express: 
'New national insurance numbers have been dished out to foreigners at an annual rate of between 600,000 and 700,000 for the past three years, far higher than the official rate of immigration. Similarly one supermarket giant has said that 'based on the volume of certain staples it sells' IT BELIEVES THE BRITISH POPULATION TO BE CLOSER TO 80 MILLION than the 63.2 million reported by the census.

Just as the pro-immigration ideologues distort the figures, so THEY LIE ABOUT THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF IMMIGRATION… They deny that the influx has any adverse impact on our civic infrastructure. But that is patently nonsense. Our hospitals, schools, roads and trains are all buckling under the strain.

Moreover a major report at the weekend showed that no fewer than 470,000 foreigners had been given taxpayer-subsided homes over the past decade alone. In total 1.2 million foreign nationals now live in publicly-funded accommodation, with one in eight social housing units going to migrants, the figure rising to one in five in the capital. That represents a spectacular injustice when there are 1.8 million Britons on the housing waiting lists.


But I guess what you and I consider shameful would be very different. Gavin Esler put this question to one of his immigrant guests on a June 2006 episode of Dateline London: 'What's wrong with white guys by the way?' 
The guest replied: 'I don't like them. I want them to be the lost species in a hundred years!' 
That's beyond shameful, Yasmin. That’s beyond ‘racist,’ ‘institutionally racist,’ ‘bloody foreigners,’ ‘bully boys,’ ‘South Africa’s pass laws,’ ‘official persecution’ and ‘fear’. It's beyond ‘unreconstructed men... pissing on non-white migrants,’ ‘a line... crossed,’ ‘vermin,’ ‘threat,’ ‘menace,’ ‘prejudices’ and ‘xenophobia.’ And it’s way beyond ‘travesties,’ ‘racist immigration policies,’ ‘the iniquities of the past’ and ‘trolls’, who may or may not be ‘out to get’ you.

What you said back there in June 2006 was beyond all of the above. You were relishing the coming genocide. The look on your face as you said what you said was almost triumphal.

I wonder, Yasmin, did anyone at the BBC ever wag their finger at you for saying such a thing? Of course they didn’t. Were you ever interviewed by the police for 'inciting racial hatred?' Of course you weren't. They were one hundred percent on-message back then. Most still are but some are now frantically trying to score a few brownie points with those they were previously so happy to betray.

That’s bad news for you, Yaz. 
Oh yes, the feelings of the bewildered majority were under control back then and no one thought it necessary to score points with the subjugate herd. So folks like you were riding roughshod and gleefully digging your spurs in. You thought things would never change, didn't you? You thought we'd just put up with it all forever and die quietly. On cue.

Well, the sleeping giant is awake now, Yaz. He's looking around and wondering who trashed his house.

I'm more than happy to tell him.

P.S. Don’t get too het up about Cameron’s latest photo-opportunity. After promising to sort things out before the election, in 2011 alone he let in 749,000 migrants/students. That’s official. That’s not counting those we don’t know about.

It’s not the Cameronian Tories you should be worried about, Yaz. It’s not even the ‘unreconstructed’ Tories, UKIP or, for that matter, the BNP.

Worry about the big bloke who’s house you trashed."
The Independent removed the above comment. In every mainstream media source such removals are routine. I’m banned from most precisely because I post such off-message revelation.

I put in another comment asking why the above was removed. No answer. This comment was also removed.

So was this:
“Very interesting. My posts are being removed for pointing out the genocidal racism of a wildly PC Independent journalist. I shall let the world know. Don't scoff, the internet has provided we average Joes with a very long reach.

I wonder whether the police would be interested in this now political correctness is, to some extent, on the back foot?

Whatever, such censorship as that being practiced by the moderators here is hardly going to sit well with the fair-minded Brit who has recently broken free of cultural Marxism’s fetters.

Nope, not something I'd want to have on my CV. I think you'd better check with the higher-ups, Ms Mod."
THEY are at war with us, ladies and gents.

They really are.

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