Thursday, 1 August 2013

Betrayed with malice aforethought

On 29 and 30 July 2013, The Daily Telegraph and The Times posted lists of ‘students being called to the Bar this Trinity term.’

The barristers thus ‘called’ are qualified to argue in court on behalf of another party. The collective noun for such barristers is ‘the bar.’

Wikipedia says: ‘in England, a call ceremony takes place at the barrister's Inn of Court, before or during the pupillage year.’ The following students were, according to the Telegraph, thus headed for the London ‘Inn of Court’, Lincoln’s Inn:

Shifat Mahmood Abdullah, Muhammad Shahriar Mozid, Md Abdullah Al Mamun, Abu Sayeed Ahmed, Md Mozahidul Islam, Yakrajsingh Ramsohok, Muhammad Abdul Halim Kafi, Md Rashed Khan, Maisha Nafisa Hasan, Marium Waqar, Md Rahat, Muhammad Asfand Yar Khan Tareen, Farhana Mukith, Amir Ullah Khan, Abdul Mohaimin Zafar, Kazi Tamrin Rashed, Ashmi Nuckchady, Sohana Chowdhury, Irtafa Ur Rehman, Shahbakht Pirzada, Ranjani Govindasamy, Afroz Imtiaz, Tanjib Rashid Khan, Almas Ben-Aribia, Imtiaz Bin Hafiz, Ahmed Jamal, Syed Zaeem Hyder Musavi, Zulekha Sakrani, Bilal Mohammed Hanif, Luka Krsljanin, Shajib Mahmood Alam, Taskin Iqbal, Serena Isabelle Binti Azizuddin, Raneesha Thayalan, Bilal Hassan, Md Hasnat Azadi, Villasini Nethiganantarajah, Nashvinder Singh Gill, Komal Naseem, Habiba Tul Islam, Anam Khan, Sidi-Ahmed Samir Harmel, Adam Dominic Noor Farhadian Griffiths.

Alice Zainabu Koroma, Daniele Nabil Selmi, Allana-J Joseph, Charmaine Zvikomborero Kaparamula, Maithreyi Rajasingam, Chameil Neecolea Joseph, Laksha Juddoo, Marvin Lemoyne Hanna.

Vivian Thien Shin Ying, Teh Hui Ming, Winnie Lim, Keina Yoshida, Chee Lai Yi, Tan Chiew May, Cho Kang Lew, Emily Goh Miem Yien, Edward Khai-Duy Luong Wake Smith, Sok Tiang Tai, Lim Jia Yiing, Chua Wei Fen, Yi Leng Fan, Yee Xin Qian, Tze Eng Soh, Eilene Teh Ee Ling, Zen Jie Ooi, Chen Mei-Quin, Yeoh Yao Huang, Keng Lung Chng, Stephanie Cheng, Kelly Chung, Sarah Sheah Sue-Ai, Florence Yong Zhimin, Yi-Bin Woh, Grace Chen Shuh Yee, E-Rue Peng.

Riccardo Bruno Calzavara, Carina Dilini von Heimendahl, Aphrodite Parparinou, Matthieu David Gregoire, Alexandre Prezanti, Julia Petrenko, Stefano Mariani, Kalina Ilieva Nedialkov Rose, Giles Matthew Chevalley de Rivaz.

Helen Elizabeth Dennis, Laura Jayne Cavill, Gemma Irene Batterby, Katherine Mary Derbyshire, Rhea Helen Libert, Emma Bethan Williams, Jocelyn Emily Hutton, Kathryn Sophi Lane, Andrea Joanna Parnham, Lucy Hannah Ginsberg, Samantha Jayne Bass, Claire Laura Garton, Lucy Sophia Eastwood, Candice April Mullings, Angie Beardmore, Antonia Charlotte Emily Benfield, Lisa McCormick, Rachel Thomas, Emma Jane Gatland, Rebecca Elizabeth Newman, Charlotte May Harris, Sarah Elizabeth Walker, Gretchen Kelly Tucker, Emma Bowen, Emily Christine Patricia Reed, Emilie Blanche Morrison, Katie Elizabeth Gray, Lisa Marie Denley, Thea Trenessa Ferguson, Georgina May Robinia Ferrar, Sophie Anne Miller, Sarah Mahalah Louise Hopkinson, Rebecca Jayne Thomas, Victoria Leanne Railton, Amy Skehill-Miller, Aoife Angela Nevin, Gabrielle Antoinette Turnquest, Kate Sarah Louise Longson, Jessica Elizabeth Craine,

Charles John Burry Stimpson, Theodore Barclay, Iain David Carter, Daniel Churcher Clarke, Callum Paul Brook, Thomas Orpin-Massey, Nicholas Alexander Macklam, Elliot Harry Kay, Peter Gordon Lockley, Thomas Stafford Roberts, Hugh Benjamin Cumber, Andrew Charles Lovat Rose, Nicholas James Williams, Andrew Thomas Shaw, Ben Thomas Wooldridge, Jonathan Bardsley, Michael Proctor, Matthew Alastair McGhee, Jack Andrew Jonathan Steer, Adam Ross, Matthew Francis Warmoth, Steven Luke Robinson, Jordan Scott Whittingham, Richard Philip Hoyle, Daniel Christopher Cashman, Alexander Michael Biggs, Samuel James Burrett, Paul Phillip Mills, Kyle Squire, Thomas Guy Harrill, Jason Richard Furey, Dane Kirk Patterson, Morgan Everard Read, Jeremy Samuel McKeown, Raymond Colin Smith, Martin William Hill, Lucas Bastin, Hugo David Leith, Frank O'Toole, Frederick Marcus Daly, Bruce Wilkie Collins.

From the above lists we learn that:

i) More foreign ‘students’ seem to be being trained up in our universities for enormnously prestigious and and powerful careers WITHIN THE UK, than native British students.

ii) Students from the Indian subcontinent alone appear to outnumber British men in the list.

For more than a hundred years now, from around the time the great powers were planning the first world war, the European lowly have been systematically betrayed by those who had the power to betray them.

What you see here is no blip. It is policy, purposefully imposed by those we vote for and their owners. A globalised world is what they have always wanted. A globalised world, where no nation and no people have the power to determine their own future, is what they will have. One where their writ and their rules obtain throughout the whole of the planet forever.

Our overlords have betrayed us with malice aforethought. Deliberately, in order to bring on the New World Order they and their forbears dreamed of. They make war upon us with immigrant armies, anti-indigenous propaganda and law and politically correct, foreigner-first policy such as that evidenced here.

iii) British women are now being trained for such jobs at the same rate as British men.

Which, to many, brought up with PC notions of universal equality, may seem to be the way it should be. However, if those cited above wish to pursue their careers effectively, considerations of family life will have to take a back seat for much of their working lives. The plain fact is that many will not have children and those that do won’t have many.

Thus are our best educated and brightest females cajoled into not reproducing.

There are many ways to kill off a great tribe and the masters of the universe know them all.


  1. Your fiery rhetoric and effect are somewhat dimmed by the fact that you have clearly made no effort to do any research on the subject. You may want to start by looking into what it actually means to be "called to the bar", and I recommend broadening the research beyond Wikipedia. The Bar Council website could be a starting point. To save you some time, those called to the bar do not have rights of audience. One must first complete a 'pupillage'. There are very few pupillages available and only a relatively small percentage of those called actually practice. Your assessment will therefore be more accurate if you assess the racial profile of those who obtain practicing certificates at the end of a pupillage. Furthermore, you may also like to know that the vast majority of foreign nationals being called are in Britain only for training purposes. The bar course is of exceptionally high quality in England, and legal procedure in many Commonwealth countries closely resembles the one used in England and Wales, on account of colonial history. Therefore, aspiring barristers from, for instance the Indian subcontinent, who can afford to pay the £16k fees, elect to train in England to practice in their home jurisdictions. Every one of them will be 'Called to the Bar of England and Wales' as long as they pass their exams. This is a requirement of the current system of training and not optional.

    Finally, on a more philosophical note. If, once you undoubtedly do your research and find out more on this subject, you are still unhappy with the fact that a number of non-white/female UK residents are practicing as barristers, consider this democratic conundrum: whether we like it or not, our population is made up of people from many backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and cultural heritages. The courts play an immensely important part in our society, as you will undoubtedly agree. Surely then it is in the interest of cohesion, justice and peace that our legal system is made up of representatives of all members of society? Otherwise, would not the descendants of Normands quarrel with those of Celts, Saxons, Druids and Vikings for who's true-blood progeny should exclusively don the noble wig and gown?

    By: white, male, British and called to the bar.

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  3. I appreciate your input and obvious knowledge of the subject but you're wrong to be so patronising. I dealt with subject as it was laid out in The Telegraph. It and The Times used the phrase 'called to the bar' and I DID check with Wikipedia so that I could explain matters as simply as possible to most, including myself. Such as yourself do need simple explanations.

    If the substance of the Wikipedia explanation is wrong, I'd be grateful if you'd introduce a form of words in your next post that reads correctly. I will then enter it.

    However, whether or not all or none of the above end up representing whoever in court, at this precise moment in time they all appear to have qualified to press on with their judicial/legal careers. The mathematics tell the rest of the treacherous story.

    The important bit.

    The reason so many foreigners are about to practice is due to the traitorous behaviours of our politicians, our opinion formers and the international financiers and businessmen who own them. Do not advise me to cohere with any who have been forced upon us, entirely against our will, by these foul Machiavellians. And thence, without conscience or care, take whatever is available to be taken.

    Our island was stable and homogeneous for a thousand years, except for small incursions by Hugenots and Jews. What has happened since 1948 has been revolutionary, not evolutionary. The establishment was never interested in 'cohesion, justice and peace.' If it had been it wouldn't have forced the alien hordes upon those who did not want them.

    Has any nation ever wished to be inundated by all manner of folk different to themselves? I think not. Please don't insult my intelligence by suggesting it's a happily done deal. In your wee, small ivory tower perhaps. Not out here in Nomansland.

    Your tone suggests that you are content with the socially engineered free-for-all, which has left so many indigenes feeling bewildered, fearful, insecure, betrayed. Which, in turn, suggests to me that you couldn't give a damn about the British lowly. (Most of us)

    The politician, those who own him, and those who blithely implemented the will of the Satanic few, have sown an ill wind throughout the Western World.

    Pray God they reap the whirlwind.

  4. In simpler terms: to practice as a barrister in England and Wales one needs to fulfill 3 requirements. 1 = Law degree or law conversion course. 2 = Bar Professional Training Course, on the successful completion of which one is 'called to the bar'. 3 = Pupillage.

    So, those 'called to the bar' CANNOT practice in courts until they complete a pupillage.

    The fact that the training course, costing £16,000, is open to foreigners wishing to practice in their own countries is a move that brings millions of pounds into the British economy every year. Less than 1% of those Commonwealth students will end up staying on and practicing in the UK.

    The bar of England and Wales is one of the most conservative and ethnically (and gender) homogenous industries in the country. It is overwhelmingly dominated by white British men from wealthy backgrounds. You therefore picked the wrong profession to illustrate your prophesies.

    Britain has never been 'stable and homogenous'. What makes this country interesting is that it has seen a steady flow of migration from so many cultures since time immemorial. Surely you are not suggesting that you are a direct descendant of the 'Britons', the first 'indigenous' population of Britain.

    And let's not forget that Britain was once 25% of the Earth's landmass, stretching across every timezone. The wealth and well-being of this nation today is based on the riches pillaged from lands across all continents. Do we really have the moral right to say that 'they' cannot come here when 'we' went everywhere and took what we wanted? Or is there one rule for 'us' and one rule for 'them'? Because we're white?

    I don't live in an ivory tower. I just about scratch minimum wage. This is not because the 'immigrants' are taking my job, but because the government has slashed the legal aid budget as an austerity measure. I represent people of all background, ethnicity and economic/social status in criminal trials. This is my ethical duty. I am surrounded by the colours, smells, sights, music, art, thoughts, ideas, aspirations and dreams of people from all over the world. This makes me grow as an individual, it enriches me in ways that money or pedigree could never do. You should try hanging out with people who are not like you. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.