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The origin of the AIDS pandemic

On 11 May 1987, Pearce Wright, Science Editor of The Times, told us this:
"The Aids epidemic may have been triggered by the mass vaccination campaign which eradicated smallpox. The World Health Organization, which masterminded the 13-year campaign, is studying new scientific evidence suggesting that immunization with the smallpox vaccine Vaccinia awakened the unsuspected, dormant human immuno defence virus infection (HIV)...

An adviser to WHO who disclosed the problem, told The Times: 'I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of Aids.' 'In obliterating one disease, another was transformed.'

Further evidence comes from the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington. While smallpox vaccine is no longer kept for public health purposes, new recruits to the American armed services are immunized as a precaution against possible biological warfare. Routine vaccination of a 19-year-old recruit was the trigger for stimulation of dormant HIV virus into Aids.

This discovery of how people with subclinical HIV infection are at risk of rapid development of Aids as a vaccine-induced disease was made by a medical team working with Dr Robert Redfield at Walter Reed. The recruit who developed Aids after vaccination had been healthy throughout high school. He was given multiple immunizations, followed by his first smallpox vaccination.

Two and a half weeks later he developed fever, headaches, neck stiffness and night sweats. Three weeks later he was admitted to Walter Reed suffering from meningitis and rapidly developed further symptoms of Aids and died after responding for a short time to treatment. There was no evidence that the recruit had been involved in any homosexual activity...

The smallpox vaccine theory would account for the position of each of the seven Central African states which top the league table of most-affected countries; why Brazil became the most afflicted Latin American country; and how Haiti became the route for the spread of Aids to the US. It also provides an explanation of how the infection was spread more evenly between males and females in Africa than in the West and why there is less sign of infection among five to 11-year-olds in Central Africa...

WHO information indicated that the Aids league table of Central Africa matches the concentration of vaccinations. The greatest spread of HIV infection coincides with the most intense immunization programmes, with the number of people immunised being as follows: Zaire 36,878,000; Zambia 19,060,000; Tanzania 14,972,000; Uganda 11,616,000; Malawai 8,118,000; Rwanda 3,382,000 and Burundi 3,274,000.

Brazil, the only South American country covered in the eradication campaign, has the highest incidence of Aids in that region. About 14,000 Haitians, on United Nations secondment to Central Africa, were covered in the campaign. They began to return home at a time when Haiti had become a popular playground for San Francisco homosexuals...

Aids was first officially reported from San Francisco in 1981 and it was about two years later before Central African states were implicated. It is now known that these states had become a reservoir of Aids as long ago as the later 1970s. Although detailed figures of Aids cases in Africa are difficult to collect, the more than two million carriers, and 50,000 deaths, estimated by the World Health Organization are concentrated in the Countries where the smallpox immunization programme was most intensive...

Charity and health workers are convinced that millions of new Aids cases are about to hit southern Africa. After a meeting of 50 experts near Geneva this month it was revealed that up to 75 million, one third of the population, could have the disease within the next five years."
12 years before Pearce says the AIDS virus first appeared in San Francisco, the following testimony was provided to the Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations of the House of Congress on 9 June 1969 by Dr. Donald MacArthur, a Defense Department biological research administrator.

The committee had been convened to discuss finance for the following year and MacArthur was making the case for funding of $10m dollars for the production of a 'synthetic biological agent.' (Click on the images below to enlarge)

"Eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired...
All biological agents up the the present time are representatives of naturally occurring disease, and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes.

Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms... A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million...

It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations. On the other hand, without the sure scientific knowledge that such a weapon is possible, and an understanding of the ways it could be done, there is little that can be done to devise defensive measures. Should an enemy develop it there is little doubt that this is an important area of potential military technological inferiority in which there is no adequate research program.”
The document alongside contains the following paragraph not noted in Dr MacArthur's testimony:
"The Feasibility program and laboratories were to have been completed by 1974-1975 and the virus between 1974-1979. The WHO started to inject AIDS-laced smallpox vaccine (Vaccina) into over 100 million Africans in 1977. 
Over 2000 young white male homosexuals (Operation Trojan Horse) were injected with laced Hepatitis B vaccine in 1978 through the Centers for Disease Control and the New York Blood Center.

The development of the virus apparently had a dual purpose:

(1) as a political/ethnic weapon to be used against black individuals and (2) one of the programmed efforts at de-population."
I'm not sure where this originated but it would appear that some over-zealous conspiracy theorist has decided to join the dots for us. However, the Bible Believers web site informs us thus:
"Conveniently lost in the history of AIDS is the gay Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment that immediately preceded the decimation of gay Americans. A 'cohort' of over a thousand young gays was injected with the vaccine at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan during the period November 1978 to October 1979.

Similar gay experiments were conducted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago, beginning in 1980.2 The AIDS epidemic broke out shortly thereafter.

The experiment was run by Wolf Szmuness, a Polish Jew born in 1919... According to June Goodfield’s account of his life in Quest for the Killers, Szmuness defected from Poland with his family in 1969, arriving penniless in New York with $15 in his pocket.

Through scientific connections he found work as a laboratory technician at the New York Blood Center. Within a few years he was given his own lab at the center and was also appointed Professor of Public Health at Columbia University. By the mid-1970s, Szmuness was a world authority on hepatitis...

In the late 1970s, Wolf Szmuness was awarded millions of dollars to undertake the most important mission of his life: the Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment. Szmuness specifically wanted to use gay men to avoid 'serious legal and logistical problems.' For his study he did not want monogamous men, nor men with lovers. He chose only healthy, young, responsible, intelligent, and primarily white homosexuals.

The experiment was costly and he didn’t want any uncooperative or hard-to-find gays messing up his experiment. Involved in the experiment were the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Abbott Laboratories, and Merck, Sharp & Dohme. Szmuness’ experiment was hugely successful, and his vaccine was hailed as having tremendous global implications."
At the Rense website this is said:
"Discussing H1N1 vaccine safety, on behalf of Hawaii legislators considering the question, Dr. Michele Carbone... openly acknowledged HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s." 
Carbone, Director of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, informed us thus:

"There is no question that the FDA is much more vigilant today than it was 40 years ago. I guess they learned the lesson from the SV40 mess...
New viruses are discovered continuously and some of them, for example HIV, are quite dangerous... people, for example, received in the early days hepatitis vaccines contaminated with HIV."
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a vaccine risk investigator, responded thus:

"Dr. Carbone's testimony is very important... HIV was spread via the earliest hepatitis B vaccines... This evidences gross official criminal malfeasance at the highest levels of health science and the US Government...
At that time 1972-74, Dr. David Sencer was the CDC director who was very knowledgeable about this hep B vaccine investigation by NY University Medical Center researcher, Saul Krugman, et. al. His collaborators were at the New York City Blood Bank, including Wolf Szmuness. 
Dr. Sencer was also the CDC director who authorized the continuation of the Tuskeegee Syphilis study by the Public Health Services. As HIV-was out-breaking in NYC (and due to this same vaccine in Africa and Willowbrook State School for mentally retarded children on Staten Island, NY)
Dr. Sencer was 'demoted' to go from Atlanta and transition from CDC director, to become the Health Department Director for the City of New York. This was done so that he could oversee the propaganda for damage control at the New York Blood Bank, created and controlled by the Rockefeller family (including Sen. Jay Rockefeller advancing the Senate Democratic Party's health care reform plan).  
Dr. Sencer was successful in preventing safety testing of the contaminated blood. This intended delay, according to medical historians and lawsuits, spread HIV/AIDS internationally along with the herpes type viruses, including Epstein Barr causally-linked to several cancers and immune dysfunctions... The 1976-1977 outbreak was most likely a military experiment, and precisely like the 2009 Mexican H1N1 outbreak in its media propaganda.  
The media promoted the 1976 Swine Flu campaign that was devastating in its side effects and adverse events including Guillain-Barre, that my mother died from, linked to this vaccination. In 1977, the swine flu outbreak has been widely acknowledged by top officials, including Dr. Sencer himself, to have been 'laboratory sourced.'  Dr. Sencer wrote in a CDC publication, that this swine flu outbreak came from 'a refrigerator.' 
In 1997, it was Dr. Sencer who led the team of virologists to Alaska, against international outrage and protests from leading scientists. He and his team, under top secret security, resurrected the 1918 Spanish flu virus and genetically reconstructed it. This was the virus said to have killed 50 million people worldwide." 
Dr. Horowitz also said this:
"It is my humble opinion, you would have to be a complete fool to trust the people that promote getting vaccinated."
Amen to that, Doc.

Amen to that.

P.S. Wikipedia tells us that Wolf Szmuness 'shared a room with a Catholic priest, Karol Wojtyła, and began a longtime correspondence with him. Karol Wojtyła would later became Pope John Paul II.'

Wheels within wheels within wheels.

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