Monday, 22 July 2013

The Archbishop might not have been any different!

On 22 July 2013, the BBC told us that, when asked about the naming and shaming of bankers, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, sympathised and said he felt 'very edgy indeed.'
"I'm not sure I would have been very different... rather than thinking how bad they were," he said.
That's the Archbishop of Canterbury, supposedly the holiest bloke in England, telling us that he's not sure he would have been any different to the trough-gobblers whose greed stuck us with all this debt. Anyone out there want an Archbishop with the morality of a banker?

Welby added:
"This business of somehow saying that one individual bears the whole blame as opposed to simply the accountability, it feels lynch mobbish."
Contemplate the rope a little more and the plight of your former pals rather less, Justin. All this top table p***-taking is upsetting the mob. Er, I meant the flock, Justin, the flock.

Describing his days as a hot shot oil man immersed in the world of business, Welby continued:
"What I remember is the sense that the culture and values of the financial world enveloped you and began to shape one into a new ethical shape. You were aware that you were struggling with this and often rather frightened by what was going on."
So that's all right then. I'll tell you what, Justin, we'll forgive the bankers and the fat cat businessmen if they cough up all the ill-gotten gains they've pocketed since Thatcher came to power.

And then take holy orders. You know, like you did.

By the way, you did cough up all your ill-gotten gains before you became a man of the cloth, didn't you Justin?



Justin Welby's father was Jewish.

The Archbishop of York, second only to Welby in the hierarchy of the Church of England, is a Ugandan immigrant.

When I say they're taking the p***, ladies and gents, I really mean it.

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