Tuesday, 16 July 2013

PC has scared us into being the least patriotic country in Europe!

On 21 April 2010, Steve Doughty reported thus in The Daily Mail:
“The English rate themselves the least patriotic nation in Europe, a poll suggests. Almost half said their country had lost its identity in the face of European interference and political correctness. On average, English people rate their patriotism at slightly below six on a scale out of ten, behind the Scots, Welsh and Irish...

In 2008 St George's Day parades were banned by local authorities in Bradford and Sandwell in the West Midlands on the grounds they could cause trouble or were 'unhealthy' and 'tribal'.

Six per cent of English people are scared to show the flag and around 18 per cent are worried that if they do they will be instructed by officialdom to take it down. Only a third are aware that 23 April is St George's Day…

One in 10 of the English are happy to fly the flag… More than one in four English people said they feared being branded racist, but four out of 10 said they would happily express their national pride behind closed doors. Four out of 10 said they felt England had completely lost its national identity.

While English people put their patriotism at 5.8 out of 10, Scots ranked their patriotism at 7.1, the Welsh at 7.06 and the Irish at 6.72. The Dutch were the most patriotic European country at 7.18, while the French scored 6.44 and the Germans ranked their love of country just ahead of the English at 5.81."
Germans? English? They did the Germans in the world wars and they’ve been waging psychological war upon the English ever since.

No wonder we’re the ‘least patriotic!’ If you’re proud of your country and would put those who made it ahead of those who didn’t, you are public enemy no. 1 in the eyes of the PC Crowd.

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