Thursday, 18 July 2013

ConDems say we need another seven million immigrants!

On 17 July 2013, Matt Chorley, political editor of The MailOnline, told us this:
“Britain will need millions more immigrants to cope with an ageing population, the official economic watchdog warned today. The Office for Budget Responsibility said that opening the doors to an extra 140,000 every year for five decades would boost employment and bolster the public finances.

Urgent action is needed or the gains made by George Osborne’s spending cuts will be wiped out by increased spending on the elderly, the OBR said…

The OBR argues that allowing 140,000 immigrants of working age into Britain each year – totalling 7million over 50 years – would fill jobs and raise taxes for Treasury coffers.

‘Our sensitivity analysis shows that overall migration has a positive impact on the sustainability of the public finances over our 50 year horizon,’ the OBR said. It said that if there is a steady flow of immigrants into Britain, government borrowing would rise to 99 per cent of GDP. But if there is a bar on immigration, borrowing would hit 174 per cent…
Robert Chote, chairman of the OBR, said on presenting the report: ‘Since last year, the underlying deficit and debt path look less favourable’.”

So, if we don’t accept even more mass immigration, it won’t be the fault of George Osborne (CON), Danny Alexander (LIB) or Robert Chote (LIB) when the house of cards they built comes tumbling down.

It will be ours.

Of course, as our betters carry on encouraging the alien hordes to ship over, more and more of them will, themselves, grow old and become dependent. And, if you know your stuff outside of the PC spin, you will be aware that many of the immigrant wonderfolk do not need to grow old before they become reliant on state handouts. The ambition of huge numbers of third world folk appears to extend no further, before and after they get here, than a life on benefits.

Here’s a novel idea: boot out all of those whose ancestors are not buried here and we’ll chance the cataclysm. You know, we’ll see how we go taking care of our own? Without the extra burden of having to take care of the rest of the world as well?

And by the way, Cameron, Osborne, Alexander, Chote, the Cameronian Tories and the Lib Dems will owe every last politically incorrect Brit around £60billion by the time the next election rolls around. That’s how much of our our cash they’ll have squandered in foreign aid during the course of this parliament. You can get a lot of ‘health, pension and social care’ out of sixty billions.

The agonised squeals of the newly impoverished Brit-bashers will be a bonus.

Anyway, folks, I do hope you’re noticing that, no matter what they promise before an election, after it the bandwagon carries right hurtling towards the edge of the precipice. They are ALL at war with us. They are ALL on the side of the global elite and their immigrant pets and not one of them could give a monkey’s toss about us.

P.S. Matt Chorley didn’t seem to be the least bit critical of the various governmental foreigner-favourers in his article, did he? Check out his publicity photo above. Then take a good hard look at Robert Chote’s physog.

QUESTION: If you slapped either of this fine pair around the face, what sound would result?

ANSWER: Twaaat!!!

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