Thursday, 27 June 2013

Misery? Serious assault? Carjacking? Absolute discharge!

On 13 June 2013, Vaseem Gova was found guilty of displaying a threatening sign outside his Parhurst Road home by Croydon Magistrates.

The sign read:
"An Asian family occupy this property. If you are not Asian or a member of my family you MUST seek permission from the estate management before attempting to talk to anyone from this household.

Failure to adhere to this heartfelt advice will render your life a misery and threats of serious assault and carjacking will reign upon you so fast that you will wonder why this street is not called Parkhurst Prison."
District Judge Karen Hammond ruled that, due to the ‘exceptional circumstances’ of the case (Gova would lose his home if convicted) he be given an absolute discharge.

Aye, threats to make the lives of your neighbours 'a misery', to seriously assault them and steal their cars, rate an absolute discharge nowadays.

If you’re only threatening Londoners in London and you hail from an ‘Asian family,’ that is.

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