Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Diversity and fitness to practice

Here is a list of the doctors who were subject to 'fitness to practise' hearings at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in June 2013.

Dr Nkanunyele Kasi Amadi
Dr Benjamin Amrakpovughe Obukofe
Dr Hassan Oloruntoyin Twins
Dr Jahangir Taghipour
Dr Jamal Abdel-Moshen
Dr Kalpesh Prahlad Ramcharan
Dr Nadarajah Niranjan
Dr Yogendra Dutt Sharma
Dr Mubarak Singh Sanghera
Dr Ravindra Sondhi
Dr Ghulam Ahmed Malik
Dr Fazal Hussain
Dr Ahmed Ullah
Dr Jaffar Shah
Dr Tahmina Islam
Dr Benjamin Claritas
Dr Edouard Guirguis Anis Yaaxoub
Dr Andriy Denzeh
Dr Camelia Jurcut
Dr Noorman Van Derdussen
Dr Volker Bornmann
Dr Jack Mietek Bentall

Dr Thomas Sheehan
Dr David Anthony Waghorn
Dr Ruth Rhona Bronwyn Hill
Dr Victoria Waugh
Dr Andrew Gilbey

Diverse little list, isn't it? (Click on the image to enlarge)

Only it isn't the kind of diversity the powers-that-be are ever going to tell you about.

Our country and its people are at the point of annihilation. We may now never get back to what we were and what we could have been. The above list sums up what the animals at the top of the tree have done to us.

If anyone out there cares to trot out the old 'where would we be if it wasn't for them' chesnut, answer them thusly:

We'd have been in the care of an indigenous profession that, according to the cases presented here, would be 28/5 or 5.6 times more likely to be fit to practice their medical expertise upon us. Seeing as, for every non-native, employed by the health service, a native will have either been poached to ply their trade elsewhere or will not have been given the chance to study for the profession in the first place.

As regards poaching, you i) make it a condition of their initial training that they spend the first ten years of their career here; and ii) You reward excellence and commitment properly (not necessarily via financial inducement) so that they do not wish to seek employment elsewhere after the ten years is up.

There is also something else that you might bring to the attention of the 'aren't foreigners wonderful' brigade.

Every last lovely, fluffy alien working in the NHS, (if you don't count the second-generation immigrant) including those who will never appear in front of a tribunal, has been trained up elsewhere. The second and third world cannot afford to lose such people.

The doctors who come, and the British government that encourages them to come, know this.

But they come, and our cynical politicians take, anyway.

'Lovely' and 'fluffy' such career-minded self-servers are not.

P.S. The list is no blip. Diversity ALWAYS preponderates in these cases.

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