Wednesday, 12 June 2013

David Cameron is a serial liar!

On 2 February 2011, the article, David Cameron is a serial liar, appeared in The Mirror.

This, in part, is it:
“Dishonest Dave’s list of broken promises is longer than his arm, squandering what little credibility he had after not quite winning the General Election. In just nine months, Cameron has smashed the porky pie record by going back on dozens of pledges...

The children’s centres he vowed would stay open are shutting. Sixth formers are losing the Educational Maintenance Allowances he said he’d keep. A knife will be taken to the child benefit Cameron promised to retain in its old form, even while blade-wielding criminals escape the jail terms he guaranteed.

The biggest gang getting away are banksters enjoying tax cuts instead of hefty curbs. VAT went up when he had ‘no plans’ to clobber families. NHS spending is squeezed not increased and reforms ruled out are unrolled. Front line services, including coppers, who were told they’d be protected are dismantled…

Calamity Clegg got down to breaking promises of his own, the abolition of university fees became trebling them to £9,000…

Tony Blair lied on Iraq. David Cameron lied and lied again. And it spells trouble when people are cottoning on to the Great Con of Downing Street’s lack of a mandate to ruin lives.”
This is interesting. The press are now daring to call elite politicians ‘serial liars.’ They are also calling trough-gobbling bankers ‘banksters.’ In fact, they are using precisely the kind of terminology routinely found on the internet these days.

If ever you thought your online presence wasn’t making a difference, ladies and gents, think again.


  1. Please just kick them out ,our future depends on it

  2. Our future DOES depend on it. I fear nothing short of a civil war will now rid us of those who will, encouraged by the global Machiavellians, remove the white race from the pages of history in a few short decades.