Monday, 17 June 2013

An Assad win will endanger Israel

On 17 June 2013, Shoula Romano Horing told the truth at Ynet, the online arm of Israel's top circulation daily newspaper.

Here’s what she said:
“The Syrian rebels’ disorganized opposition consists mainly of several major Arab-Sunni rebel factions. The biggest umbrella group is THE SAUDI AND QATAR BACKED GROUPS who are not hard core Islamists. 
THE MOST DANGEROUS GROUP IN THE MIX IS THE JABHAT AL – NASRA, WHICH IS AN OFFSHOOT OF AL–QAEDA IN IRAQ. The Sunnis consider the Alawites and the Shiites greater infidels than Christians or Jews.”
All of which adds up to this: around 80% of the rebels are non-Syrian and many of them are extremely bad news. In fact, they are very much the material that comprise the ‘terror’ part of the ‘war on terror’ that our politicians routinely tell us we must wage.

However, what Israel wants, Israel tends to get from those we vote for. And Israel wants Syria done over. As do the Saudis. And the Saudis have the oil and the chequebooks.

And because they have the oil and the chequebooks and Israel and the US look fondly upon them, (for the moment) we must defer to their wishes. That’s also why all the mosques are springing up in Britain. The Saudis fund the building of these and no British government is going to prevent them from doing so because we are, after Communist China, more indebted to them than anyone else.

Ms Horing then lets us in on a few not too secret secrets, saying:
“Neither the Sunni rebels nor the Assad-led Shiites who are involved in the Syrian civil war are friends of the United States or Israel. Israel and the US’s best strategy should be to help maintain the status quo where neither Assad nor the rebels are strong enough to defeat the other militarily. (Just as the US did during the Iran/Iraq War – the US was, supposedly, on Saddam’s side then but it was secretly providing weapons to Iran)

In this context, the Obama administration’s decision to finally help arm the rebels was the correct decision... But the main reason to heavily arm the rebels should be to counter balance Hezbollah and Iranian involvement and reverse recent Assad territorial gains in the strategic city of Qusair on the border of Syria and Lebanon…

It must be clear that both the US and Israel’s strategic interests would be compromised if the Americans allow Assad and his allies to win…

Supplying heavy weapons to the rebels such as long range missiles and imposing a no- fly zone over rebel-controlled areas WILL RESULT IN A WAR OF ATTRITION FOR YEARS TO COME, SIMILAR TO THE WAR BETWEEN IRAN AND IRAQ, WHILE BOTH SIDES SURVIVE IN A DIVIDED SYRIA.”
Nothing if not cynical these Israelis, what? Ms Horing continues:
“If Assad wins, the US will lose the remainder of its credibility and its deterrence power in the Middle East. .. AN ASSAD WIN OVER THE REBELS WILL UNRAVEL DECADES OF AMERICAN INFLUENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND ENDANGER ISRAEL IN THE PROCESS.”
And that, ladies and gents, is as straightforwardly put as it’s ever going to get. Certainly Cameron and Hague will never come close to telling such a casually unspun tale.

As it happens, she was exaggerating a tad. Israel will not be endangered if Israel does what it doesn't do best. i.e. If it stops beating up on its neighbours and the Palestinians. But Israel and the US will lose influence and perhaps some control of affairs in the region. That's true enough.

And that is what matters to Zion. The big Z can't abide not being in charge.

Shoula Romano Horing is a media big shot and she is regularly seen opining on the security situation in Israel on a variety of public platforms. Ms Horing is also a hotshot lawyer.

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