Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Diversity is death!

Wikipedia tells us that the inhabitants of Broadland, a borough in Norfolk, are 98.8% white.

Similarly, the inhabitants of the boroughs of Three Rivers in Hertfordshire; South Cambridgeshire; East Dorset; Maldon, Essex; Hart, Hampshire; Craven, North Yorkshire; Mid Sussex; East Cambridgeshire and Wokingham are 86.3%, 97.1%, 99.0%, 96.9%, 97.7%, 96.1%, 95.3%, 95.9% and 88.4% white, respectively.

The white residents of the above, with the exception of Wokingham, are almost all indigenous Britons. Wokingham’s white, non-British population comprises 4.8% of the whole.

Wikipedia also tells us that the inhabitants of the London borough of Lewisham is 65.2% white, with 55.7% of these being White British. Similarly, the boroughs of Lambeth; Hackney, Newham; Tower Hamlets; Hammersmith and Fulham; Islington; Southwark; Brent and Haringey, all of which are in London, are 66.9/54.0, 60.9/47.1, 40.1/32.6, 56.3/46.9 78.1/59.8,75.2/58.4, 64.3/52.6, 46.0/30.9 and 65.3/47.6% White and White British, respectively.

According to the UK Peace Index published in April 2013, the areas designated by the first of the above lists are, in order, the most peaceful in England and Wales. The same index tells us that the second list comprises the least peaceful areas.

Thus, 94.6% of the residents of the most peaceful list are native Britons. Whereas, just 48.6% of the least peaceful list can say the same.

The PC Crowd, the politicans and most of the national media in this country will never point out the stone bl**ding obvious when to do so might alert the majority to the depth of their treachery.

The data does not lie. Without the mass immigrations imposed upon us by those who wanted the nation state destroyed, our country would still be as peaceful, stable and contented as it was when George Orwell wrote with affection of the ‘gentle-mannered, undemonstrative, law-abiding English’. He said that foreigners were amazed by our ‘gentleness… by the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling’. he also said that there was ‘very little crime or violence.’

Despite the war, that’s how our world was in 1944.

The sinister Machiavellians who cynically insisted that globalism and the Multicult were wonderful things, lied. The wholsale immigration of peoples very different to ourselves has brought criminal mayhem and great unhappiness in its wake.

The extrapolations cited above cannot be gainsaid.

Diversity is not something we should embrace.

Diversity is death.

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  1. We can be against further immigration but we must accept those who are already here. Not just in the sense of accepting that they have a right to remain but accepting them as the new British.

    Further immigration is a bad idea for many of the reasons you put forward. See The Benefits of Immigration to the UK Economy.