Thursday, 30 May 2013

Senior political figures in all parties despise their own supporters

After Conservative Party Chairman, Andrew Feldman, was rumoured to have described rank-and-file Tory activists as 'swivel-eyed loons' earlier in the week, on 26 May 2013, Peter Hitchens responded thus in The Daily Mail:
"Political journalists have known for years that senior political figures in all parties despise their own supporters, while seeking their votes and money. They don’t say much about it, because they are themselves part of the establishment. 
Ministers pretend to be their friends, and they pretend back, often over expensive restaurant tables. They advance each other’s careers...  
I have been trying to tell you for years about the blatant fraud that is the Tory Party, which, if it were a commercial organisation, would long ago have been bankrupt or worse. Yet it took two days to get into the papers, and even then the name of the person involved was kept secret... 
If you have worked for, supported, donated to, or voted for the Tory Party, I can assure you that its leaders laugh and sneer at you when they think they are safe to do so."
Peter Hitchens, although fashionably Trotskyist in his youth, is not some rabid left-winger out to bash the Tories whenever the opportunity arises. If anything, he's even more likely to broadside LibLab than Cameronian Con. He's one of the few who are content to point out the unsavoury truths that the 'establishment' as a whole doesn't want told, that's all.

As such, one imagines he doesn't get invited to share 'expensive restaurant tables' with the 'friends' of his journalistic colleagues all that often.

Regarding the 22 May murder of Lee Rigby by two black Muslims, Hitchens said this:
"What use are the expensive spooks who track, snoop and file, who want the power to lock us up for weeks and to peer even more deeply into our lives? They failed to prevent this, though they knew all about the suspects.  
As for the police, living on a reputation they won decades ago and no longer deserve, wouldn’t a constable on old-fashioned foot patrol have been more help on this occasion than the squadrons of armed militia who appeared long after the event, blazing away in the street?  
The police force in this country is now bigger than our shrunken Army, but it is extraordinary how its members are never, ever there, except to protect the powerful. 
Too busy patrolling Twitter, perhaps."
If you want to know who not to vote for, ladies and gents, you should pay attention to what those outside the  'expensive restaurant' loop are telling you.

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  1. PH considers the modern Tory party so infiltrated by, and corrupted from, liberal/Marxist elements that the organisation now needs to be closed down so that an authentic right-wing grouping in Britain can come to the fore.

    Just discovered your blog, and liking it a lot. Keep up the good work.