Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent

On 10 January 2000, William Hague, who was the leader of the Conservative Party at the time, said this on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Brits:’
"English nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom."
So, let’s ensure that most of the people of these islands never get to feel the pride in their country that their ancestors took for granted just a few short years ago, eh, William?

Home Secretary, Jack Straw, said this on the same programme:
“The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent. We have used this propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Then we used it in Europe and with our empire, so I think what you have within the UK is three small nations... who've been over the centuries under the cosh of the English…
 You have this very dominant other nation, England, 10 times bigger than the others.”
Thus spoke a bloke who didn’t seem to care for us all that much when he was in charge of our affairs. Yes, if you happen to be a member of Great Britain’s ethnic majority you really wouldn’t want to be asking Jack Straw for a reference, now would you?

I wonder whether a case could be made against him for trying to incite racial hatred? You know, in the hearts and minds of those we used to ‘subjugate?’

As it happens, WE didn’t subjugate them. The serfs, carls and yeomen of old England never subjugated anyone. Our leaders did all the subjugating. You know, the Jack Straws and William Hagues of the time?

Straw is a third-generation immigrant Jew.

Although the successful attempt to depose Gaddafi and the ongoing efforts to repeat the alchemy in Syria might suggest that Hague is one of those ‘potentially very aggressive, very violent’ types, he isn’t what I’d call ‘one of us.’

One of THEM perhaps. But not one of us.

Those you vote for are at war with us, ladies and gents.

They really are.

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