Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our green and unpleasant land!

On 10 May 2013, West Indian broadcaster, Darcus Howe, said this in The Guardian:
"There were those who made it clear that dogs, blacks and the Irish were not welcome. These policies were encouraged by politicians whom we may well describe as pioneers of racism and of vulgar white nationalism. They are the parents of UKIP....

One election slogan then made things as plain and as clear as can be: 'if you want a ****** for a neighbour, vote Labour'...

If landlords fail in their new duty to ensure they are not housing illegal immigrants, they could be brought to the courts with charges and fines... I will not be surprised if fines are to be followed by imprisonment.

This is nationalism gone mad. Democracy is at stake in this green and unpleasant land...

We need immigrants!"
And all because 26 percent of the British people voted for UKIP in the local elections (in the seats contested). What's the matter, Darcus, are we not PC enough for you these days? Don't you like it when we put what we want first for a change?

Well tough. You, yours and the PC Crowd have been putting the non-native first and the indigenous last, in this land that WE made, for more than fifty years. Like it or lump it, Darcus, we're on the move and we're not turning back now!

Check out one positively promoted immigrant's 'I call it an an insurrection' take on the 2011 riots below:

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