Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act

Wikipedia tells us this:
"The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom... The Act was and remains very controversial, because of a perception that it is an Enabling Act substantially removing the ancient British constitutional restriction on the Executive introducing and altering laws without assent or scrutiny by Parliament. It has been called the 'Abolition of Parliament Act'...

As originally drafted, the Bill was controversial, as it would have granted government ministers wide powers to make secondary legislation that could amend, repeal or replace any primary legislation or secondary legislation."
In April 2006, John Pilger's article, The Death of British Freedom, was published in The New Statesman.

This, in part, is it:
"Can this be happening in Britain? Surely not. A centuries-old democratic constitution cannot be swept away. Basic human rights cannot be made abstract. Those who once comforted themselves that a Labour government would never commit such an epic crime in Iraq might now abandon a last delusion, that their freedom is inviolable...

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill has already passed its second parliamentary reading without interest to most Labour MPs and court journalists; yet it is utterly totalitarian in scope.

It is presented by the government as a simple measure for streamlining deregulation, or 'getting rid of red tape,' yet the only red tape it will actually remove is that of parliamentary scrutiny of government legislation, including this remarkable bill. It will mean that the government can secretly change the Parliament Act and THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS CAN BE STRUCK DOWN BY DECREE FROM DOWNING STREET.
Blair has demonstrated his taste for absolute power with his abuse of the royal prerogative, which he has used to bypass parliament in going to war and in dismissing landmark high court judgments, such as that which declared illegal the expulsion of the entire population of the Chagos Islands, now the site of an American military base. THE NEW BILL MARKS THE END OF TRUE PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY...
This government was re-elected with the support of barely a fifth of those eligible to vote: the second-lowest proportion since the franchise. Whatever respectability the famous suits in television studios try to give him, Blair is demonstrably discredited as a liar and war criminal.

Like the constitution-hijacking bill now reaching its final stages, and the criminalising of peaceful protest, ID cards are designed to control the lives of ordinary citizens (as well as enrich the new Labour-favoured companies that will build the computer systems).


'The kaleidoscope has been shaken,' said Blair at the 2001 Labour party conference. 'The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us reorder this world around us'."
Yes, John, the bloke was, and still is, a prize tw*t. I wonder, What does that make those who voted for him three times? Approximately the same as those who voted for Thatcher three times perhaps?

I shouldn't think people like John fight so hard to get the truth out to warn or save the three-time people. They have demonstrated their self-serving, lemming degeneracy far too often. Do they imagine that their ancestors worked so hard, sacrificed so much and died the deaths dreamt up for them to die in by the Thatchers and Blairs of the time just so their descendants could give it all away in two short generations?

Oh no, I doubt that John Pilger fights for the gormless teletubbies who keep the establishment in power. I like to think that people like him fight for their children and their grandchildren when they will not.

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