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St George and the Multicult

On 23 April 2013, former New Labour Home and Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, said this in The Guardian:
"He was born in Turkey; his mother was Palestinian. HE'S SO MULTICULTURAL we have to share him with Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Moscow, Istanbul, Beirut and Palestine itself...

Welcome to the world of Saint George, patron saint of England...

From fairly contemporary references, it looks as though he was born a Christian in Cappadocia, now in eastern Turkey and may have been of some "Darian" - Persian - blood too. His mother came from what was then the larger area of Palestine.

The Roman Empire had at the time spread all over this region. George joined the Roman army, becoming a fairly high-ranking officer. But he fell foul of the Emperor Diocletian, who, fearing a plot against his pagan second-in-command, embarked on a systematic terror against all Christian believers. George refused to bow to Diocletian and abandon his religion. Anticipating trouble, he gave his property to the poor and freed his slaves. He was imprisoned, tortured, and finally beheaded at Nicomedia, on April 23, 303AD.

Saint George is a great example... but his story is also the reason why I so resent the hijacking of St George... by those on the far-right who have attempted... to monopolise his name and flag for their partisan ends. I wonder if any of those who have wrapped themselves in a St George banner and chanted objectionable, racist slogans, ever realised that the man himself was a Turkish Arab?..

Saint George was a Palestinian Christian... St George is an example of the kind of society I hope we all want, except those bigots who wear his flag but know nothing of what it means."
'He's so multicultural,' gushes our former Home and Foreign Secretary, 'the man himself was a Turkish Arab.' Well, we all know that politicans like to spin things their way, don't we? So it shouldn't come as much of surprise to learn that George was a Greek Christian.

Straw assures us that 'he was born in Turkey,' when Turkey, part of the Roman Empire at the time, didn't exist back then! It is also generally accepted nowadays that he was born in Palestine, not what is now Turkey! And, though George's father was born in Cappadocia and his mother in Palestine, St. George was NOT an Arab. His parents were, like George, Christian, and both considered themselves Greek. Of noble lineage, their families traced their origins back to Alexander's time.

Straw, like 'those bigots (English patriots) who wear his flag,' doesn't seem to be all that well acquainted with the most up-to-date research.

Typical of the sceptical comments in The Guardian was this one:
"I should think the one thing we could be pretty sure of in St G's rather confusing story is that he wasn't 'a Turkish Arab'."
Comments for this discussion are now closed.Not enough back up for Jackie boy's b***ocks it would seem. Even from the on-message rag of the left-wing intelligentsia.

Jack Straw is Jewish. And the left-wing Jew rarely misses an oppotunity to sneer at the indigenous patriot.

Check out what Wikipedia says about St George here.

Straw's political provenance can also be glimpsed in the following articles:

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In a 19 April 2012 article for The Huffington Post, Greg Jenner penned the following stunningly unpatriotic sentiments:
"I'm embarrassed to be English... I admire the values Britain tries to embody, tolerance, mutual co-operation, MULTICULTURALISM...

If I am going to have to live in a modern England, I believe it should not be reflexively branded with medieval, Christian iconography... England simply isn't a predominantly Christian nation anymore... The vast majority of us are not Christians...

Things change and nations evolve. South Africa created a new flag in 1994 to symbolise the end of apartheid... It is time we redesigned our national flag to reflect England as it is, not as it was... I am serious about the need for a new flag...

What does our current flag say about us? England's flag... is synonymous with the barbaric atrocities of the Holy Crusades...

As A TYPICAL BLEEDING-HEART LEFTIE, I get skittish around the national flag because it has been appropriated by right-wing nationalists... Confused by multiculturalism and lost amidst the jumbo bedspread of Britishness, this political underclass is desperately trying to reassert their ethnic vision of Englishness... Not only is the St George's Cross redolent of medieval war crimes, it is now synonymous with ideological groups promoting racial intolerance...

For me, England's complicated past is part of the problem... In times of panic, we have been all too quick to single out the strangers among us, blaming sinister fifth columnists for our own ills...

Unlike modern, multi-cultural England, our national pride was fostered... pointing at Johnny Foreigners and making disparaging remarks about their lack of hygiene or cowardly nature...

I cheerfully applaud the ironic fact our national saint is in fact a foreigner... I am not simply advocating the flag be changed - I would also like to do away with St George's Day...

My argument... is with national civic veneration of St George... St George's Day is an arthritic tradition plugged into an iron lung, it is being artificially kept alive... As a national hero, St George simply doesn't mean enough to us anymore...

Personally, I am not a great advocate of overt patriotism... all that flag-waving has a propensity to suddenly become feral xenophobia...

England is not once what it was."
You're right there, Greg. Once upon a time you would have been arrested, charged with treason, found guilty and strung up for expressing such sneering contempt for our traditions and culture.

Nowadays, of course, with the PC Crowd in charge of the media and politics, I should imagine a creep like you got your back slapped heartily for the anti-English nastiness cited here.

Here's another snide little remark Greg thought fit to share with us in the Post essay:
"Our soldiers... are the national equivalent of Basil Fawlty, reminding everyone not to mention the war, before goose-stepping through the dining room."
If anyone knows where this chap lives, they may wish to pass on his details to any Mr Fawlty of their acquaintance who managed to survive Iraq and Afghanistan. Such a goose-stepping sort may have something to say about the tone and accuracy of Greg's observations.

Here's something else Greg said:
"London 2012 Olympics... Imagine our athletes proudly standing atop the podium... that's ridiculous. None of our athletes will be on top of the podium."
Got that wrong then.

Guess what Greg Jenner does for a living? He creates up-to-date history for our children! To whit:
"Greg Jenner is the Historical Consultant to CBBC’s multi-award winning sketch show Horrible Histories and also occasionally writes for the series. He has spent the past 7 years making historical TV programmes."
In the Huffington Post article, Greg dispays his historical nous thus:
"We lynch-mobbed the Jews and banished them in the 12th century only to harmoniously readmit them in the 1650s."
Whereas, Edward I booted them out in 1290 (13th century) and, almost to a man, parliament did not want the Jews readmitted in the 1650s. Cromwell did, however, (presumably as a reward for financing the civil war?), and no one dared go against his will.

Here's something Master Jenner has admitted to that will surprise very few.
"My French relatives were Jewish and some, except my grandma, were sent to death camps."
So, the Jewish politican, Jack Straw, and the Jewish media insider, Greg Jenner, get to sneer at a powerful symbol of English tradition in the mainstream media.

Anyone beginning to discern a pattern here?

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