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America's most influential drug pusher

On 1 April 2013, Peter Sheridan told us this in The Daily Express:

"When President Kennedy ripped off his clothes and ran stark naked around his suite at New York's Carlyle Hotel his Secret Service agents were understandably worried. But when the leader of the free world bolted from his room and raced in his birthday suit down the hotel corridor, they really began to panic.
The president had just received a 'vitamin energy cocktail' from the man known to the Secret Service by his White House code name: Dr Feelgood. In Hollywood, the stars called him Miracle Max. He was Dr Max Jacobson, physician to global leaders and celebrities.

In reality HE WAS AMERICA'S MOST INFLUENTIAL DRUG PUSHER, peddling methamphetamine to the rich and powerful...

Kennedy's crazed naked romp, a closely held secret for more than five decades, is among the shocking revelations in a dramatic new book about THE PHYSICIAN WHO TURNED AMERICA'S ELITE INTO DRUG ADDICTS: Dr Feelgood, by Richard Lertzman and William Birnes.

His clients ranged from Britain's former prime minister Sir Winston Churchill and American president Harry S Truman to such celebrities as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. He treated Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Anthony Quinn, Bette Davis, Rolling Stones rocker Brian Jones, Andy Warhol and Yul Brynner…

With JFK's imprimatur, New York's high society and Hollywood's elite opened up their wallets and veins to Dr Jacobson's syringes. Marilyn Monroe was a loyal devotee and when stricken with stage fright before singing 'Happy Birthday' to JFK at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1962, begged Jacobson for a shot...

Jacqueline Kennedy began taking Jacobson's drug cocktail while suffering depression after a miscarriage, the book reveals. 'It gave her such confidence that she kept going back,' says Lertzman.
Winston Churchill was introduced to the doctor by legendary movie director Cecil B DeMille in London in 1956. 'Churchill liked the cocktail so much that he had Jacobson give the formula to his own doctor for future use,' says Birnes.
But THE DRUG'S PLEASURES CAME AT A TERRIBLE PRICE. 'When the drug wears off, it's like falling off a cliff,' Lertzman explains. 'You plunge into a depression that only more methamphetamine can cure. It's highly addictive and can cause PARANOIA, PSYCHOTIC EPISODES, SYMPTOMS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA AND DEATH’…
Yet JACOBSON NEVER TOLD HIS CLIENTS THAT HE WAS… TURNING THEM ALL INTO JUNKIES… ELVIS PRESLEY WAS 'HOOKED' ON THE ORDERS OF HIS MANAGER COLONEL TOM PARKER, according to Birnes. But he explains: 'Elvis hated feeling out of control, the deep depressions and the growing addiction. He finally quit. One of the few times he went against Colonel Parker's orders.'
Dr Feelgood did his best to cover up when patients died of methamphetamine poisoning or suffered from terrifying psychotic episodes. Famed fashion photographer Bob Richardson went crazy after three years of Jacobson's shots and spent two years recovering in a mental hospital. He later said: 'I was a victim of bad medicine.'

Film director Otto Preminger said that Jacobson's needles gave him 'one of the most fearful experiences of my life'. Actor Anthony Quinn called Jacobson 'underhanded... AN EVIL MAN'. 'Elizabeth Taylor was nearly killed by Jacobson, when she overdosed on methamphetamine while filming Cleopatra,' says Lertzman.

'Singer Harry Belafonte almost lost his sight after one dose. And Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick died of methamphetamine poisoning by Jacobson, her family believes.'

Jacobson killed his own wife Nina with an accidental overdose of the drug, according to the authors.

Dr Feelgood's toxic elixir may even have changed the course of history, as the mood-altering drug warped President Kennedy's personality at the perilous height of the Cold War, so the authors claim. JFK's addiction almost exploded into a national crisis with his naked romp at the Carlyle Hotel in 1962, when he suffered 'a serious psychotic reaction to the drugs and became manic', the book reveals…

The Secret Service called in top New York psychiatrist Dr Lawrence Hatterer, who reveals that he found JFK 'in a manic condition furiously waving his arms and running around without any clothes on'. Shaken Secret Service agents sat on the president to restrain him while Dr Hatterer injected JFK with an anti-psychotic drug, finally calming him.

Kennedy had fallen into Jacobson's clutches in 1960, introduced by an old friend, and Dr Feelgood soon became a frequent Oval Office guest. Jacobson injected Kennedy before his pivotal televised debates with Richard Nixon and flew with JFK to Vienna to inject him before the 1961 summit meeting with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

By the time Khrushchev arrived, Kennedy had had three injections and slipped into ‘an almost stupor-like depression. He was slurring his words, and Khrushchev could see he was a weak, drug-addicted man…
Birnes says: 'Jacobson changed the course of history. It gave Khrushchev the belief that he could roll over Kennedy, build the Berlin Wall and put missiles in Cuba. Without Dr Jacobson, those crises may never have happened’…

By the late Sixties Jacobson was dispensing 100 strong doses daily to celebrity patients morning, noon and night. In 1970 methamphetamine was classified as a narcotic in the US, yet he kept pushing his illegal cocktail. In 1974 he was stripped of his medical licence but continued selling the drug until his death in 1979.”
In his book, William Birnes says this of JFK:
“If he hadn't been addicted to methamphetamine I don't think he'd have been assassinated. There were powerful forces that believed he was a disaster as president and needed to be removed.”
‘Powerful forces’ decreed that Kennedy ‘needed to be removed’ because he was about to ‘strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power,’ not because he was a junkie.

America's most influential drug pusher,’ Max Jacobson, the man ‘who turned America's elite into drug addicts’, was a Jew. As was Cecil B DeMille, who introduced Winston Churchill to him, and Colonel Tom Parker, Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, upon whose ‘orders’ Elvis Prestley was ‘hooked’.

'Jacobson changed the course of history’, says Birnes. Screwing around with natural course of events is something that seems to come naturally to the Jew. They certainly do it often enough. As the Israeli journalist Ari Shavit said in April 2003:

“The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, MOST OF THEM JEWISH, who are pushing President Bush TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY. 
Here is a partial list of the celebrities on Max Jacobson's 'patient' list:

Presidents John F. Kennedy; Harry S. Truman; Richard M. Nixon; Vice Presidents Nelson Rockefeller; Spiro Agnew; Prime Minister Winston Churchill; J. Edgar Hoover - Director of the FBI - 1924-1972; Jacqueline Kennedy; Judith Campbell Exner: mistress of John F. Kennedy and Mafia leaders Sam Giancana and John Roselli; Sam Giancanna: Boss of the Chicago Mafia: 1957–1966; Dr. Niels Bohr - nuclear scientist; Senator Claude Pepper; Ambassador Eusebio Morales; Lee Bouvier Radziwill - sister of Jacqueline Kennedy; Prince Stash Radziwill; Stavros Niarchos; Maria Callas; Cecil B DeMille; Judy Garland; Marilyn Monroe; Elvis Presley; Leonard Bernstein; Burt Bacharach; Andy Warhol; Edward G. Robinson; Billy Wilder; Paul Robeson; Igor Stravinsky; Ingrid Bergman; Tony Curtis; Richard Burton; Gore Vidal; Cary Grant; Marlene Dietrich; Elizabeth Taylor; Frank Sinatra; Franco Zefferelli; Truman Capote; Bette Davis; Maurice Chevalier; Mike Nichols; Gertrude Lawrence; Yul Brynner; Peter Lawford; Tennessee Williams; Alan Jay Lerner; Mike Todd; Rod Serling; Hermione Gingold; Jose Ferrer; Yul Brynner; Johnny Mathis: Franchot Tone; Rosemary Clooney; Burgess Meredith; Hedy LeMarr; Eddie Fisher; Mickey Mantle; Shelley Winters; Rosalind Russell; Andy Williams; Rex Harrison; Eddie Albert; Zero Mostel; Col. Tom Parker; Gypsy Rose Lee; Otto Preminger; Anthony Quinn; Roddy McDowell; Bob Fosse; Sharon Tate; Christopher Plummer; Thelonious Monk; Frederic March; Harry Belafonte; Brian Jones; Andrew Loog Oldham; Don and Phil Everly; Mike Nichols; Pablo Casals; Montgomery Clift; Sheilah Graham; Margaret Leighton; Rita Moreno.

Yep. I guess you might say the supplier who supplied the above might well be able to 'change the course of history.'

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