Tuesday, 5 June 2012

IRAQ: SAS went in day before - TO PROTECT ISRAEL!

On 23 February 2013, The Daily Mail told us this:
"The SAS were involved in fierce fighting inside Iraq THE DAY BEFORE the crucial Commons vote in 2003 that approved military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime...

Late on the night of March 17, 2003, and 24 hours before MPs are due to vote on the Iraq War, these soldiers are under orders to infiltrate the country and deliver a stunning blow to Saddam Hussein’s most elite troops.

The SAS’s destination is Al Qa’im, a town where, according to intelligence reports, Saddam Hussein’s forces are poised to fire chemical weapons towards Israel.

And Israel didn't have the resources to do this themselves?
Our lads had to put themselves in harm's way so that theirs wouldn't have to?

Describing the reaction of the British people to Iraq, Tony Blair said this on the 26 February 2012 edition of Newsnight

"There are people who will be very abusive... It remains extremely divisive and very difficult."

Does he not get why people are abusive?

Reg Keys, whose son Tom was one of six Red Caps killed by an Iraqi mob in 2003, responded thus in the 27 February edition of The Daily Mail: 
"As far as I’m concerned he should be dragged in shackles to the International Criminal Court for war crimes. We invaded a sovereign country and went against the United Nations. When I look at my son’s grave I think, what did he die for? It is a total waste."
Former Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, was quoted thus by the same newspaper:
"There is hardly anyone now in Britain or even the United States who is willing to defend the action against Iraq which had such adverse consequences in the Middle East, but more particularly for the reputation and influence of the UK.

Mr Blair should not be surprised that people are still angry. We should never forget that exactly ten years ago one million people marched through London in opposition to his policy."
We should also never forget that, on 16 February 2003, the day after around two million British people marched in protest against the looming war in Iraq, Blair said this:
"I read the anti-war sites and listen to the protesters and I realise that they haven't a clue, or worse, they just don't give a damn."
In the aforementioned Newsnight interview, Blair added:
"I’ve tried to persuade people (to) understand how complex and difficult decision it was. Because I think if we don’t understand that, we won’t take THE RIGHT DECISION about a series of these problems that will arise over that next few years.

You’ve got one in Syria right now, YOU'VE GOT ONE IN IRAQ TO COME."
You have been warned, people. Those who forced Gulf War II upon the world are gearing up for more.


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