Thursday, 14 June 2012

David Miliband

On 11 August 2009, Britain's Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, appeared on Radio 4's 'Great Lives' to pay tribute to his own choice of a 'great life,' Jo Slovo.

Lithuanian immigrant, Yossel Mashel Slovo, was the long time head of the South African Communist Party and sometime leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress. He, along with Nelson Mandela, was responsible for commissioning terrorist acts against the apartheit regime in South Africa.

Slovo was a close friend of Miliband's father, Ralph. Miliband snr was the leading academic authority on Marxist theory in this country for many years and he and Slovo shared a passionate belief in the righteousness of Marxist ideology.

Don't you find it interesting that our former Foreign Secretary felt politically secure enough to parade his own far-left sympathies so ostentatiously? I mean, he chose to eulogise, on BBC Radio 4 no less, a man who was both a terrorist and a Communist!

At one point, Matthew Parris, the presenter of 'Great Lives,' asked Miliband whether there were any circumstances in which terrorism was justified. This was his reply:
Pretty categoric don't you think? A second-generation Jewish immigrant who, at one point, seemed all set to be the next Labour Prime Minister, thinks that some terrorism is 'justifiable' and 'effective!'

In which case, if some horrid, Boer revolutionaries got fed up with all the black-on-white nastiness that’s been the norm in South Africa ever since the Slovo/Mandela faction took over, and took it into their heads to begin terrorising Lithuanian Jews, that would be OK would it? I mean, a Lithuanian Jew was ‘Chief of Staff of the armed wing of the ANC,' (as Miliband so enthusiastically put it several times during the broadcast) wasn't he?

And if some equally disgusting pro-British anti-Semites began terrorising New Labour Jews like Dave for inflicting immigrant and banker-hugging, Brownite and Blairite philosophies upon us for thirteen long years, that would be OK too, would it?

And if the same anti-Semitic bunch decided to terrorise Polish Jews for breeding up a bloke who spent his life teaching two whole generations of credulous, Blair/Brown-type university students to despise their own kind and worship at the altar of the German Jew, Karl Marx, instead, that would be just lovely, would it?

Or is terrorism only 'justifiable' when the Milibands, Slovos and Marxes, and whoever happen to be their best pals at the time, are doing the terrorising?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

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