Wednesday, 1 November 2006

You lied, Tony B Liar! You lied!

On 25 February 2005, The Daily Express reported thus:

“Reducing school class sizes in an attempt to give children a better education is largely a waste of money… according to Professor Dylan Wiliam. Prof Wiliam, deputy director of the Institute of Education in London, said cutting class sizes was not worth the expense…

As long as pupils are well-behaved, then what you can do with a class of 20 is generally possible with a class of 30.

Reducing class sizes is a waste of money!”
'Reducing school class sizes in an attempt to give children a better education is largely a waste of money?'

Of course, reducing class sizes is a waste of money! My mother was taught in a class of 50 and I learned how to multiply and divide in a class of 46 and, boy oh boy, were we better educated than the feral numbskulls that get churned out these days.

By the way, the ferals could be rehabilitated. But only if the Tony-John-Margaret-James-Harold-and-Edward types who made them got the chop.

I mean, you give the youthful dimwits to me and the New World Order destroyers to a few thousand hungry pigs and we'll get Education, Education, Education up and running again. That, my friends, is a no-brainer.

Oh, and we'll get order, stability, security and happiness back as a bit of a bonus. Of course, if there are any wishy-washy Liberals out there who happen to be drying their eyes at the prospect of a nice life in the not too distant future, you'll have to turn your head way and think of Karl Marx for a month or two, I'm afraid.

Yep. Dickensian school principals, psychotic Sergeant Majors, the cane, the birch, the stocks and an iron maiden or two and will be the order of the day. There'll be lots of arms folded across the chest and sitting up straight, lots of standing on the desk and in the corner with a dunce’s hat on type humiliation, no talking at all, (except when spoken to) lines galore, detention, the slipper and caning in front of the parents for the next-to-worst.

As for the worst: they can have a month down the mines with the Blairmongers that didn't get the chop.

On 25 February 2008, The Daily Express reported thus:

"Illegal drug use has cost the UK £110 billion over the past ten years, according to new estimates. The sum, which is the total health and crime costs of Class A drug use, is published in a new report by drug and alcohol treatment charity Addaction…

It suggests that last year alone, these costs came to £16.4bn, with each person who remained dependant on illegal drugs costing the UK around £44,000.

This includes the costs of providing medical treatment and crime-related problems.

Addaction chief executive Deborah Cameron said:

'Illegal drug use is costing the UK taxpayer £16.4 billion a year, which is more than one and a half times the cost of holding the Olympic Games in 2012’.”
So, 'illegal drug use cost the UK £110 billion', during the time of Tony.

Doesn't this mean that Cool Britannia, which none but Mandelson and the Blairite ever seemed to want, cost US £110bn? That would be £110bn on top of what the BLAIR WARS cost us, of course. Well yes, it does mean that, actually.

Look, Tony, you can keep the money you nicked off us with the Iraq thing but this drug business, I remember you saying that you'd be 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime!' And you weren't, were you? Drugs cause crime! And you allowed the drug scene to flourish whilst you were the boss! And we lost £110bn as a result!

Thing is, Tony: I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I want the money you stole from me, Tony. It's as simple as that. You said you were going to be 'tough on the causes of crime' and you lied.

YOU LIED, Tony B Liar! YOU LIED! And now I want the money that your lies filched from my wallet BACK! I mean, you've got plenty. You’ve got those creepy bank jobs, haven’t you? You know, the ones where you don't do anything but collect for doing what Big Brother and The House Cleaners wanted you to do?

So, come on, Tony, tip up. If you don't, I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell the world what you were REALLY doing when you were socking it to us.

What's that? You're not scared of me? You're hard? If you can f*** Iraq up the a***, you can f*** me too? OK, Tony, have it your way. Ladies and Gentlemen, please go the search facility at this blog and type in the phrase 'Tony Blair.' It's all there.

No, Tony, it's too late now. You asked me outside and I came. No we cannot negotiate, unless we're talking £110bn, of course.

With interest.

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