Thursday, 14 September 2006

The death of Terezia Sternbergerova

Terezia Sternbergerova had moved to Salford just 8 weeks before her death on 2 September 2004.

In the days leading up to the attack upon her, Nasir Ali Alsenaidi had tried to strangle his brother and push him out of a window. He told his brother that he had seen the word 'danger' on a junction box in the street and believed that was a sign from Allah.

Moments before he attacked Terezia, he had tried to stab motorist, Anthony Hassall. Anthony's frantic call to the police and the attack upon Terezia is captured here.

Teacher Katherine Moore was driving past and tried to drag Terezia to safety at which point the knifeman turned on her. Katherine was trapped by her seatbelt and, by the time she freed herself, she had been stabbed five times. He chased after her and stabbed her another three times when he caught up.

"He just stood there and said I'm going to kill you", said Katherine, adding, "I knew he meant it and he tried."
Katherine was saved from certain death by Sean Dutton, who saw what was going on and drove his car straight at Alsenaidi.

Upon arrest, he was taken to Ashworth Security Hospital where doctors diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia and said he needed to be detained under the Mental Health Act. Judge Clement Goldstone praised Katherine thus:

"I would like to pay tribute to her bravery, courage and stoicism both at the time of the attack and subsequently. Society can be proud of her."
Too right, Clem. A true Brit she is. He also said this to Alsenaidi:

"You have taken the life of a defenceless young lady. It was a terrible crime. You are, however, a very sick man and it is clear you require hospitalisation and treatment."
Can't agree with you there, old boy. It is clear to me, that the poor, misunderstood Omani murderer requires no such thing. In my humble opinion he should be boiled. Which, me being English all the way back, probably means that, if the race-fixers get wind of my immigrant-unfriendly sentiments, I'll be charged with 'incitement to racial hatred' and stuck in clink for seven years. Thus, if I know British justice as it has come to be, dear old Nasir Ali will, very likely, be out before me.

Hazel Blears, New Labour MP for Salford, voted for criminal behaviour to be punished with more severity if that behaviour be 'racially' or 'religiously' aggravated. She also voted to introduce another raft of racial and religious hatred legislation in January 2006. This was designed to further protect the Muslim population of Britain.

Thus, at a time when Muslims were blowing us up and waving placards threatening to behead those who criticise the prophet, Blears was voting for yet another law intended to bear down upon the native, white population of these islands. This, if we ever dare to wave a placard or two asking for the Muslims to stop blowing us up and threatening to behead us, one presumes.

Blears also mentioned Stephen Lawrence several times in Parliament.

However, she never bothered to mention Terezia Sternbergerova and/or Katherine Moore and she has never suggested that the immigrant nutcase who stabbed them be 'punished with more severity' because of the racial/religious nature of the crime committed. In fact, Blears never mentioned Terezia, Katherine or Alsenaidi at all.

Update: on 23 September 2005, just over a year after Nasir Ali Alsenaidi murdered a complete stranger and tried to kill another, The Manchester Evening News reported thus:

"A killer who stabbed a young woman to death on a Salford street in a frenzied random attack could be flown back to his home country, just five months after being sentenced... Negotiations are taking place between the hospital and authorities in Oman for him to be repatriated."
Told you!

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