Monday, 18 June 2012

HOLOCAUST! The greatest robbery in the history of mankind

In his year 2000 book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, the Jewish historian, Professor Norman Finkelstein said these things:

"The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood - in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified."
"The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel."
"The field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud."
"Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics."
"The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the greatest robbery in the history of mankind."
Check out what other Jewish historians are allowed to say without being demonised as 'Holocaust deniers,' here.

Israel is a crazy country, they're lunatics!


  1. PART 1:

    In 'The Independent' 21st October, nauseating sycophant Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg sucked up to the Israelis in a truly sickening fashion with his article: 'Those who know of war argue most forcefully for peace'.

    How about him whining about the 'holocaust' when Israeli Pam Geller gets her wishes and nuclear bombs rain down all over Europe (and elsewhere) from Israel as soon as war breaks out with Iran, and Iran fights back. Didn't they tell you about that? What a surprise.

    Geller is demanding that Israel bombs all of Europe with nuclear missiles when war breaks out with Iran, and Iran retaliates. She says to nuke Europe if Iran nukes Israel, but the Jews won't let a little detail like that get in the way of a good genocide, after all, the underlying basis for Israel using the long-threatened doomsday 'Samson Option' has never stipulated that nuclear weapons must be used against Israel before Israel's nuclear weapons should all be unleashed in one mass bacchanalian orgy of killing of all life on the entire planet outside Israel's borders.

    Yes, that's right, every single friendly country that we know in Europe, including the UK, is targeted by Israel, who demonic Traitors Clegg and Cameron assure us is our close ally. Yet these 'friends' of the UK, the Israelis, are not criticizing Geller at all, but praising her, and her views. Oops, didn't you know that the Israelis really don't like us, and that they want to bomb us Gentiles to death by the hundreds of millions? Gentiles are regarded as non-living souls from the Satanic three lower spheres of creation in Judaic scripture, and as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has stated as leader of the Shas Party in Israel, and senior advisor to Israeli PM Netanyahu, gentiles are only born to be slaves for the Jews. Gentiles are held to be a totally different and subhuman species, not created by 'God', as the Jews are, but created by Satan, and are therefore totally and irredeemably evil and guilty of all sin, even before they are born, whilst the Jews regard themselves as eternally divine, pure, and above all sin.

  2. PART 2:

    The Jews have a means of dealing with these subhuman pests they call Goyim (Gentiles), that they regard as 'pig-souls'. It is something called the Samson Option. Jewish scientist Leo Szilard invented the first atom bomb in 1933, patenting it in England in 1934; since then, every other type of nuclear weapon has been invented by Jews alone, so that they might dominate the development of such technology for it's ultimate purpose, the destruction of all gentiles.

    It is worthy of note that Adolf Hitler refused to allow his scientists to pursue any scientific research into atomic weaponry, as he felt it to be far too destructive to the world, according to his bodyguard Otto Skorzeny.

    Then Israeli PM Golda Meir threatened twice during interview with Alan Hart that in the event of any existential threat against Israel, that Israel would launch off nuclear weapons against every other country in the whole of the world, to literally 'take the whole world down'. This threat has been made again and again by Israel, and has never been withdrawn, or challenged by any of our traitorous 5th-columnist politicians. Martin Van Creveld, senior military strategist and military historian in Israel, has stated that he has no doubt that Israel will definitely unleash the Samson Option in this manner, and that the preferred targets of choice of the Israeli Air Force nuclear missiles are the European cities.

    Do you find it strange that our government, and those governments of the US and NATO countries still support Israel? I certainly do. I find it utterly perverse. The reason for this fact is that 80% of the UK government is comprised of members of a group called 'Conservative Friends of Israel', who are fanatical supporters of Israel, with many Jewish members, who place the interests of Israel totally above the interests of the UK.

    Indeed it is as if they were ministers of Israel itself, rather than the UK, and they really are, in actual effect. I mean they are certainly not defending us against Israel, whilst Israel is blatantly threatening us with nuclear annihilation. Rather than addressing Israel properly over this issue, with our own nuclear weapons, that the British worker has paid for, our non-supportive government is actually acting in a traitorous manner, by threatening entirely non-aggressive Iran on behalf of bloodthirsty Israel. Iran has no nuclear weapons and has no intention of developing any, but our insane, cowardly and sadistic government is joining together with the criminal terrorist regime of Israel in lying and producing false facts for the consumption of the sheeple, showing false evidence of Iranian plans to develop nuclear weapons, whilst Israel itself has hundreds of illegal nuclear warheads, that Israel is threatening to attack the entire world with, in terrorist fashion.

  3. PART 3:

    Does anyone see anything a bit odd about that? Read 'The Holocaust Hoax Exposed' by Victor Thorn for some real facts on this nonsense about the holocaust. Like how there were 13 million Jews in the world before WWII and the alleged holocaust, and 13 million three hundred thousand after WWII. And those figures were from official censuses taken by Jewish people themselves, before they had all been told they were supposed to make out that 6 million of them were missing.

    Besides that, there were only 3.5 million Jews in all of German occupied territory, and 2 million of those went to live in the Soviet Union before serious hostilities broke out. 150,000 non-Communist Jews fought in the German army, even in the SS, alongside Caucasian German Christians, Black soldiers, Tibetans, Indians, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists, Chinese, Japanese and other nationalities in a truly non-racist, non-segregated army, whereas the American army was racist and segregated.

    250,000 Jews remained in France throughout the war, never being transferred to any camps; and many thousands of German Jews were transported by the German NSDAP to Palestine from Germany, to found their own communities there, with German help in skills training and resources, and in fact a German medal was struck to commemorate this fact, with a Swastika on one side and a Star of David on the other side.

    Do you think 150,000 well-trained and highly armed Jews would not have mutinied and attacked other German troops if there really were any 'death camps' for Jews? American army specialists found not a single body that had died from any form of gas, or any gas chambers that were designed for human beings, yet these facts were never presented before the judges at the Nuremberg trials, even though they were known of beforehand. Also, there are officially one million holocaust survivors still alive today and still claiming reparations today. Also, the International Red Cross official death total for all camps was 271,305, including about 70,000 Jews according to Russian documents.

    The vast majority of deaths in the camps occurred at the very end of the war due to allied bombing of rail and road networks, preventing many people throughout all of Germany having access to food. Another cause of deaths both inside and outside camps were typhus. Also, murders of non-Communist inmates occurred in the camps by Communist inmates who would not tolerate non-Communists. Also, there were a small number of executions by German legal authorities for criminal offences, such a murder of other inmates, and sabotage, and even one SS camp commandant was found guilty of murdering one Jewish inmate by shooting him without due judicial process; that was classed as murder, and he was hung by the neck till dead, and you can see on YouTube how any other German soldier guilty of murdering any Jew would be executed himself.

    1. Correction: that should have read 15 million Jews world population before the war, and 15 million three hundred thousand after the war.

  4. PART 4:

    You can also see many videos of black and other races of German soldiers, that were not supposed to exist according to war propaganda, but they can't tell you that, as people would not trust the government enough ever to fight for them again, so the false 'allied' wartime propaganda is reproduced endlessly.

    Where did the bodies come from? Obviously there were a few thousand genuine inmate's bodies in the camps from starvation and disease. After the war, the Russians put millions of Germans in the camps and starved them to death; between 8-11 million were murdered in this and other ways after the war ended. A famous American Jewish Trial Lawyer, Louis Nizer, had discussed the possibility of killing or sterilizing all the German people in their entirety, and Churchill had requested the RAF to devise a means to gas bomb the entire German people, later proposing to bomb them all with Anthrax, which is as lethal as atomic weapons.

    Eisenhower murdered 1.5 million Germans, surrendered soldiers, women and children, by keeping them in open fields behind barbed wire with no food, water, latrines or shelter till they simply died. Plenty of dead bodies there to photograph and blame on the Germans as Jewish victims. They will still be telling you to whine for the 6 million when Israeli nukes are incinerating hundreds upon hundreds of millions of gentiles, as God knows, they have enough to do just that, and they do say that they fully intend to do just that. Look up the Samson Option if you can't believe it. They have a damned cheek asking us to feel sorry for them all the time whilst they threaten to kill us all, but you won't find out about it in the mainstream media. See 'THE SAMSON OPTION – ISRAEL IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD' at Mothman777's Blog.

  5. One of the main weapons of the tribe is to convince people not to oppose Communism and Socialism, as was the case very clearly during the WWII alliance with Russia, as these political movements are ostensibly for the benefit of all the people.

    What the tribe does not tell the people is that Socialism is only ever intended to be shared between members of the tribe, who view themselves collectively as God, their own Messiah.

    All other races are viewed as an inferior people who are not to be permitted to dwell on the same earth as the tribe in the future.

    The truth is, that the Socialist dream that everyone is hoping for, is only ever intended to benefit the tribe and nobody else. That is why the rich (tribe members) are getting richer in Cameron's Britain, an the poor (Gentiles) are getting poorer.

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