Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Polish female outraged! Groping is OK in Poland!

On 13 October 2006, Richard Littlejohn reported thus in The Daily Mail:

"Weymouth magistrates have adjourned an indecent assault case against a Polish immigrant on, wait for it, cultural grounds. Thomasz Stepniowski is accused of groping four women, ranging in age from a girl of 15 to a woman in her mid-40s. He fondled the breasts of three of them and pinched another on the bottom.

The court was told by his defending solicitor that groping a woman you don't know is perfectly acceptable in Stepniowski's native Poland. This novel defence emerged when a female interpreter hired to translate the proceedings said she was 'outraged' that the case had even come to court.

Instead of telling the woman that she was not there to testify, the magistrates, no doubt mindful of their diversity training and ever alert to the dangers of inflaming ethnic sensibilities, agreed to postpone the hearing until an expert on Polish sexual etiquette can be brought to court to give evidence."
Thus, if the Polish toerag's home schooling is taken into consideration, the precedent will have been set. To whit: whatever the cultural and legalistic norm is in your own native land, you may practice it here.

Which begs the question, what about the British would-be gropers, robbers, rapists, murderers and buggerers of little children? Surely, a smart-arse lawyer will be able to argue that the British criminal's human rights have been breached if he is not treated with as much leniency as the immigrant who behaves just as he would back home.

One possible silver lining. If they do lighten the poor Pole's load, when the man on the Clapham Omnibus is made aware of it, a few more nails should get hammered into the coffin of political correctness.

That's 'should get hammered' not 'will get hammered.' Keep your fingers crossed that the Dimland lemmings will, one day, wake up.

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