Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Correct Spelling is Such a Burden!

The 9 September 2008 edition of The Daily Mail quoted Professor John Wells thus:

"Let's stop worrying if people sometimes spell 'you' as 'u'; 'your' and 'you're' both as 'ur'; and 'whose' and 'who's' both as 'whos'. Nowadays we often see 'light' written as 'lite' and 'through' as 'thru'. Let's not hold up our hands in horror - people should be able to use whichever spelling they prefer... We should no longer fetishise the ability to sort out 'their', 'there' and 'they're'. There are more important things to life."
The Mail added:

"John Wells, PRESIDENT OF THE SPELLING SOCIETY, which campaigns for spelling reform, claimed that the informal language of texts, emails and chat rooms is the 'way forward'.

The academic, an Emeritus Professor of Phonetics at University College London, also called for the apostrophe to be abolished. He said that reforms were necessary because the confusing English spelling system is placing a 'burden' on schoolchildren... Professor Wells also said it was time to dispel the idea that correct spelling was a mark of being educated."
Yep. Let's all give in to the lowest common denominator yet again. That's the way to bring down a great society. Or, more precisely, let's all give in to the Marxist destroyers who began to impose the lowest common denominator upon the British working-classes in the 1960s. To stop us rising above our station.

Some people call it dumbing down. I call it war.

I very much doubt that most of the British folks who aren't great spellers ever thought that being encouraged to spell correctly was a 'burden.' Difficult - yes; a burden - no.

Hey, you PC Crowd at the UCL! Why don't you ask the British people if they want their language changed to suit a lot of foreigners? I mean, that is what it's all about, isn't it?

No? Check this out:

The Acedemic, Research and Teaching Staff at the University College of London Dept. of Phonetics & Linguistics, where John Wells hangs out, comprises 18 staff members who appear to be of foreign origin and just 13 who appear to be of British extraction. Of these latter 13, at least 3 are Jewish.

As for the Research 'students' employed by the college, 18 of these are of immigrant extraction and just 15 would appear to be British.

The globalist beast is everywhere ladies and gentlemen. And now it wants our very language. The English language. You know, the one that it took us a millenium or so to make? The one that everyone else wants to speak and understand?

It is war. It really is.

If you wish to have signal your approval of John Wells' ideas, he may be reached at .

Email: j.wells@ucl.ac.uk

John Wells is also the President of the Esperanto Association of Great Britain.

Dr. Ludwig Zamenhoff first published his vision of a global language, Lingvo internacia. Antaŭparolo kaj plena lernolibro (International Language: Foreword And Complete Textbook) in 1887. Here is a 1914 quotation from the creator of Esperanto:

"I am profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness... It is true that the nationalism of oppressed peoples -- as a natural self-defensive reaction -- is much more excusable than the nationalism of peoples who oppress; but, if the nationalism of the strong is ignoble, the nationalism of the weak is imprudent; both give birth to and support each other."
Oh, THEY didn't like the native inhabitant putting his own folk first in the land of his birth even then, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, this didn't apply to those who wanted the native inhabitants of Palestine removed so that THEY could have it all to themselves. You know, the Zionists?

Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, who was 'profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness' was once a member of the early Zionist movement, Hibbat Zion.

He was Jewish.

I wonder if the Israelis would be happy for John Wells to dumb down the Hebrew language as well? Actually, I shouldn't think Mr Wells would want to. Such a thing would, most definitely, not be a part of his globalist brief.

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