Monday, 26 June 2006

Tragedies happening in many familes

On 11 February 2012, George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, was quoted thus by The Telegraph:

“THERE ARE DEEP FORCES AT WORK IN WESTERN SOCIETY, HOLLOWING OUT THE VALUES OF CHRISTIANITY AND DRIVING THEM TO THE MARGINS… JUDGES SAY THAT THE LAW HAS NO OBLIGATION TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, but I say 'rubbish’ to that. Historically there has been a great interlocking of Christianity with our laws in this country.”
The former Archbishop’s grandson died as a result of his addiction to drugs.

Of this matter, he said:

“As a Christian, even if you don’t understand, you have to accept. THESE TRAGEDIES ARE HAPPENING IN MANY FAMILIES, whether you are an archbishop or not.”
Lord Carey, who is opposed to the decriminaliton of drugs, added:

“For many who start using soft drugs, THERE IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE and in Simon’s case that slippery slope led to his death.”
Oh yes, ladies and gents, the drugs the powers-that-be have foist upon our people do not just destroy the poor. They are everywhere now and could just as easily take your sons and daughters as they could ours. Have a think about that next time you put your cross against the name of a traitor.

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