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Cameron's co-Chairpeople

Sayeeda Warsi is a second-generation, Pakistani immigrant who, after responding generously to his comments on positive discrimination at the Absolutely Equal women’s conference, was headhunted by the then Shadow Chancellor, Oliver Letwin.

Soon after this she became Michael Howard's 'advisor' on racial issues. Interestingly, considering the fact that Warsi is a practising Muslim, both Howard and Letwin are Jewish.

Howard and co. thought so much of their youthful, Muslim lawyer that they chose her to stand as the Conservative candidate in the Dewsbury constituency at the 2005 General Election. Thus, the Conservative and New Labour Parties offered the Dewsbury constituency, which is, even now, 75 per cent British and white, a choice of two second-generation Pakistani Muslims.

Since her election defeat, Ms Warsi has been rewarded by the establishment. Ennobled in 2007, in May 2010 the unelected Baroness was appointed co-Chairman and a Minister without Portfolio in David Cameron's Cabinet. Lord Feldman, a 'best friend' and tennis-playing partner of of David Cameron, who was ennobled by him in 2010, is the other co-Charman.

Thus, Cameron, ever the moderniser, thought it would be a good idea to hand the Chairmanship of the Conservative party to a Muslim (4.6 per cent of UK population) and a Jew (0.5 per cent of UK population). Which isn't exactly representative, now is it?

On 6 February 2006, Sayeeda Warsi was seen in an edition of Newsnight.

The segment in which she appeared was debating the relative demerits of the Danish cartoons and the placards that had been paraded through the streets of London by a large group of angry Muslims as a consequence. Warsi didn't seem to bothered overmuch by the placard-carrying Asiatic types and played down their behaviours thus:

"I think we need to engage in dialogue… I think if you saw some of the placards… I thought they were very interesting… They said 'we want to engage in debate; we want to engage in dialogue; we just don't want to be insulted'."
I'm afraid the Tory Vice-Chairperson wasn't being entirely honest in her assessment of the placard wielders. Far from wanting a dialogue, they didn't seem to be the least bit interested in having a nice chat with us Brits at all. In fact, the following slogan was chanted repeatedly during the protest.

"UK, You will pay, Bin Laden is on his way!"
And the placards weren't quite as inoffensive as Warsi was implying either. Indeed, they said things like:

"Behead those who insult Islam!"
"Exterminate those who slander Islam!"
"Kill those who insult Islam!"
"Europe, you'll come crawling when the Mujihadeen come roaring!"
"Europe, remember 9/11!"
"Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer".
There was also an Asian drug dealer, paroled from prison early, who thought he would use his newly won free time usefully by joining the parade and dressing up as a suicide bomber. Which wasn't exactly the most sensitive behaviour for a Muslim to be indulging in after 7/7, I think you'll agree.

Anyway, despite all of this, Warsi preferred to reserve most of her criticism for the Danish cartoonists and condemned them thus:

"I am a practising Muslim and I felt that those cartoons were very offensive… They, actually, attacked at the very heart of what is crucial and so sacred in the Muslim faith and politicians in this country were right to condemn and criticise them".
Changing her line of attack at this point, Warsi said:
"We will have extremists, we heard Nick Griffin earlier, I think people like Nick Griffin, and, unfortunately, people like Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, I say they are all the same, they're peas in one pod, they all preach hate, they all divide society and they all pedal there own agendas."
And then she added this:

"I think that the best thing for all of them would be TO STOP ABUSING OUR FLAG AND TO GET OFF OUR ISLAND! TO GET OFF OUR ISLAND!"
That's right, folks, the lady was so insistent that people 'like Nick Griffin,' (US in other words) should stop abusing HER flag and get off HER island that she said 'GET OFF OUR ISLAND' twice!

Along with Hamza and Bakri.

So, this particular Tory didn't just want those who incite murder deported, (three of the 7/7 bombers had attended Abu Hamza's lectures at the Finsbury Park Mosque and two of them had, actually, lived there), she wanted the British who don't agree with her deported as well!

Anyway, you heard it here, folks. The co-Chair of Cameron's Tory party wants all of us uppity, white British types, who might have expressed a little too much sympathy for the views of the Nick Griffins of this world in lieu of 7/7, booted off her island! The island in question being the one where all of OUR ancestors are buried.

Now, what do you PC types think of that? Would you all ride happily off into the sunset if Sayeeda Warsi gave you your galloping orders? Silly question, really, she's never going to demand that her best friends b*gger off, now is she?

How about you, Mr Undecided? Are you happy with A.N.Other second-generation immigrant's expression of immigrant ingratitude?

Sayeeda Warsi was a political activist in her teens. She studied law at Leeds University and became Vice President of the Student Union. She, subsequently, qualified as a solicitor and one of her first jobs after leaving university was with the Crown Prosecution Service. After leaving them she set up her own practice which specialised in race equality work.

She has served on the boards of Kirkless Race Equality Council and the 'racial justice' committee for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

In other words, she has never had a proper job in her life.

On 23 January 2012, Leo McKinstry said this in The Express:

"Any challenge to the destruction of our nation is greeted with outrage by our political masters. those who refuse to support the official state dogma of multiculturalism are smeared as dangerous reactionaries and xenophobes.

That was the thrust of the speech given on Thursday by Baroness Warsi, the co-chairman of the Conservative Party and the first Muslim to sit in the Cabinet. she warned of a rising tide of 'islamophobia' throughout Britain, with anti-Islamic bigotry now seen as an acceptable topic for 'dinner party' conversation. Lady Warsi’s accusations against British people could hardly be more hollow. If Britain really is so prejudiced how come she holds high office and has been given a seat in the house of Lords?"
On 6 June 2012, Alex Stevenson said this at the web site:

"Conservative party co-chairman Sayeeda Warsi faces a formal investigation by the House of Lords' commissioner for standards over her expenses claims.

Paul Kernaghan, a former police chief, will assess whether Baroness Warsi was wrong to have claimed up to up to £165.50 a night for a six-week period in 2008, when she was allegedly staying rent-free...

Wafik Moustafa, the former Tory donor who Baroness Warsi was staying with when she claimed expenses, told last week that the first he had heard of the claims was when the story broke in the papers. 'She is trying to save her skin by any means,' he commented.

The referral over her expenses claims follows a separate investigation by the independent adviser on ministerial behaviour, Sir Alex Allan, ordered by David Cameron... That decision was cast in a new light when he referred Baroness Warsi, after it emerged she had taken a business partner with her on an official trip to Pakistan shortly after the 2010 general election.

Baroness Warsi said Abid Hussain, the second cousin of her husband, was also a director of a company called Rupert's Recipes which the Tory party co-chairman had an interest in."
On 13 May 2010, The Jewish Chronicle informed us thus regarding Cameron's other co-Chairman:
"A key player in David Cameron's rise to power is his Oxford University contemporary, now co-chairman of the Conservative Party, Andrew Feldman...

First deputy treasurer, then chief executive since 2008, the 44-year-old businessman is, according to one party insider... 'wedded to Dave.'

The Prime Minister has himself described Mr Feldman, in the JC, as 'one of my oldest and best friends.'

Schooled in that crucible for high-achieving Jews, Haberdashers' Aske's in Elstree, Mr Feldman met David Cameron at Brasenose College, Oxford...

According to Jewish Care chairman Stephen Zimmerman. 'He's very supportive of the community and conscious of his roots'...

He and his wife Gaby, who is a niece of the late Zionist activist Percy Gourgey, and their three children, are active members of Westminster Synagogue in West London, where he was a treasurer. Another prominent member of the congregation is Howard Leigh, a senior treasurer of the Conservative Party...

Mr Feldman's political influence did not become apparent until he emerged as part of the inner circle that persuaded David Cameron to stand as an outsider for the Conservative leadership... He was joined as a financial backer of the Cameron bid by another Westminster congregant, Michael Green, former head of Carlton TV, where David Cameron worked for several years...

He is also said to be on good terms with Jewish Leadership Council figures such as Gerald Ronson."
Ronson, of Guiness scandal fame, spent a year in jail for corruption.

In the same dition of the Chronicle, Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt described Feldman as:

"A very committed Jew... exactly the type of person whose input would contribute greatly at the highest levels of government."
To what and to whom would this contribution be made, wondered a silent and simmering majority?

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