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Fiona Mactaggart

On 21 May 2007, The Daily Mail reported thus:

"Behind his large mahogany desk decked with the blue-and-yellow flag of the European Union, the mayor of the Romanian town of Tandarei gives a weary sigh as he is shown a Daily Mail picture of 21 newcomers to Britain.

'Yes, I know most of them,' says Vasile Sava after scrutinising the photograph taken 1,500 miles away in Slough, Berkshire.

'They are the Demitrie... Of course, they are with you now. Six hundred people have left our town and more will go to your country… When these people get rich they send their relatives money to build fancy homes here with your English pounds…

Tandarei is in decline. One in every eight men is without a job and many of those are the gypsies. Their eyes turn towards other countries. HERE THEY GET £5 A MONTH IN CHILD BENEFIT AND NOTHING MORE. IN YOUR COUNTRY THEY GET MORE HELP FROM THE STATE AND THAT IS WHY THEY GO THERE.'

The streets are neat and free of litter, but they turn quickly into dusty lanes where gypsies have made their homes for 300 years. The exodus to Britain from Romania and Bulgaria began on January 1, when the two former Communist nations became EU members and won the right for their citizens to live in the UK.

The Romanian government reported last week that 200,000 from the two countries have left this year - 50,000 a month - enough to set up a new city the size of Southampton. NO ONE - INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT - REALLY KNOWS HOW MANY THOUSANDS MORE MIGRANTS FROM THE EX-SOVIET BLOC ARE IN BRITAIN BECAUSE THE OFFICIAL WHITEHALL TALLY IGNORES THE JOBLESS, THE SELF-EMPLOYED AND THOSE WORKING IN THE BLACK MARKET.

The result is that councils all over the country are struggling to cope. Hospitals are overburdened, schools are teaching hundreds of pupils with little English and housing departments say they are running out of money.


By the beginning of May, 88 Romanian gipsy children, apparently without parents, had turned up at the civic centre.

Some are only ten, others in their early teens are pregnant or holding babies. Under British laws all unaccompanied minors - wherever they are from - have to be cared for by the council and given state benefits. To date, this has cost Slough £200,000. By the end of the year it will be nearer £1million. And that's if not a single further child turns up.

But this is as likely as a piece of heather making a wish come true, according to 39-year-old Marin Octavious, who lives in Tandarei with his wife and ten children. The oldest is 22 and the youngest was born just before Christmas.

Jobless and - he says - penniless, Marin is one of the elders of the gipsy community and in a perfect position to explain why so many are heading for Britain, because he has tried life in London himself.

In 2002, he smuggled himself and his family in a freight train across Europe, a journey he says which meant hiding in darkness in a crate for nearly a week.

'Even my little children had to stay quiet until we arrived in Tottenham,' he says. He would have stayed, claiming political asylum - citing racial discrimination in Eastern Europe because he is a gipsy - but his claim was rejected.


However, he did bring back some money. He now has a new motorbike and a house in Tandarei.


If he does he will not be alone. No one knows that better than Dan Cristescu. He is a trade union president in Romania and was sent to study at Ruskin College, Oxford, by his union. For six years, on his return to Bucharest, he ran a committee to help Roma families go to school, train for work and stop begging on the streets…


Fathers, maybe only 45, have ten children. Those children will have dozens more children. There are rumours that beggars in London are getting £250 a day. If you have 50 members of an extended family with outstretched hands, just count that up.'

Cristescu's words are harsh yet they ring true. Only last month there were police reports of organised gangs of Roma boys, some only ten and wearing primary school sweaters, begging in Walthamstow, East London. They were accompanied by pregnant women and watched over by male minders who collected the takings.

On the rutted streets in Tandarei this would come as no shock to Katerina, a grandmother, and one of the few members of the extended Demetrie family left in the town. I find her in a bungalow in the heart of the gipsy community. It is unlikely she will be here for long. Only recently she was living in Slough with her daughter and son-in-law and has returned for a funeral…

'I lived with my relatives and there were 15 in our house. Of course, those that have been there longer or those with young children did get money from the council or the government'…

Katerina will return to Slough when she can afford the £100 fare with a company called Atlasib, which runs two coaches carrying 90 Romanians a week from Bucharest to London. Most of the travellers, says the company, buy a one-way ticket… As for Katerina, she asks me if I can help finance her return to England. When I decline, her mood changes swiftly.

'Go away,' she snarls, 'I never want to talk to you again.'

Up the street there is a warmer welcome from a man who gives his name as Mr Rada, standing outside an extraordinary house. It is just the kind of 'monstrosity' that the mayor would like to tear down. The neighbours say the four storey house… was built with 'English money'.

'I call it my English castle,' says Mr Rada, who lives there with his wife and ten sons…

Carmen Petcu, 30, plans to join Chivu, the father of her one-year-old baby, Darius, next month in Manchester… the pretty redhead explains:

'My partner's parents retired and went to live in England six years ago. They were given benefits and a council house'."

Seen here are just 21 Demetries, a Romanian Gypsy ensemble whose extended family (more than EIGHTY of them) are now living in council accomodation and claiming benefits in Slough.

It is war, ladies and gentlemen. Our own politicans are at war with us.

In May 2005, Fiona MacTaggart, New Labour's candidate in Slough, received 17,517 votes in the General Election, 5,200 less than she had in 2001. Nevertheless 17,517 Slough citizens voted for what New Labour was doing to England in 2005. Most of these voters will have been native English folk. The article above precisely describes what they were voting for.

On 8 July 2004, Mactaggart said this in the House of Commons:

The Government's paper 'Strength in Diversity'... poses 13 questions... It organises them in categories: inclusive citizenship, identity in belonging, eradicating racism and extremism… and building cohesive communities… we need to ensure that our ambitions are turned into reality with straightforward practical measures, ranging from uniforms that allow police officers to wear a turban or a hijab, to prayer rooms in prisons. Such measures are at the heart of providing a genuinely equal society...

The Government recognise that Muslim communities, particularly those in our inner cities, have experienced more discrimination and disadvantage than other groups…

We need to ensure that work across Government is informed by our commitment to eradicate racism and Islamophobia...

I join the hon. Gentleman in his condemnation of the extremism of the British National party. 'Strength in Diversity' makes a connection in this context. The threat is a dangerous one… The worst and most dangerous extremists in Britain today seem to me to be those associated with the British National Party".
The British National Party did not murder 52 Londoners, just one year after Mactaggart made this speech.

Members of the Muslim community, whom she is seen sympathising with here, murdered them.

Fiona MacTaggart is the daughter of Sir Ian Mactaggart Bt, a multimillionaire Glasgow property developer and former Tory candidate. Mactaggart’s mother Rosemary was the daughter of Sir Herbert Williams Bt, a Tory MP for 27 years.

MacTaggart worked as a primary school teacher in Peckham before becoming an education lecturer. She used to chair civil rights campaign group Liberty and takes a particular interest in immigration and asylum issues. She said the voucher system for asylum seekers encouraged racism.

In parliament, Mactaggart voted for criminal behaviour to be punished with more severity if that criminal behaviourwas 'racially' or 'religiously' aggravated. In fact she was one of the MPs who brought the bill forward. She said this of the bill during the parliamentary debate:

"I secured a clause in the Immigration and Asylum Act retaining the right of appeal against deportation for people who have lived here for more than seven years."
Here are some of the other things Mactaggart has said:

"So Tony Blair is going… I admire him. He has been a brilliant Prime Minister".
"When I was a Minister I committed Britain to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade".
"The Bill before Parliament creates an offence of abusing others with the intent of causing hatred on the basis of their religion… What would this bill mean? It would mean that our laws would protect Muslims from fascist campaigns to demonise their religion in the same way Nazis sought to demonise the Jews. It would create a legal outlet to prosecute those who use religion as an excuse to encourage hatred of immigrants. It would be a simple protection against discrimination and hatred."
"I am shocked that this paper is printing anonymous letters, which claim, wrongly, that I ignore racial attacks when the victim is white".
Mactaggart certainly ignored them in parliament.

Although she mentioned Stephen Lawrence and the phrase ‘institutionalised racism’ in the House of Commons and signed an EDM commemorating Stephen, she has never mentioned or signed an EDM on behalf of any of her own constituents when they were murdered or otherwise harmed by immigrants. In fact, she has never bothered to cite any indigenous Briton murdered by a foreigner in Britain since the death of Stephen Lawrence.

"The fact that more individuals from minority ethnic groups have needed support is I am afraid a reflection of the fact that they are more likely to be victims of this hate crime".
This is a downright lie. If you were to extrapolate the stats in the 2001 census with those in the 2005 British Crime Survey, you would have found that, in Britain, an individual black person was around 110 times more likely to murder an individual white person than the other way around. An individual Asian was 20.5 times more likely.

The facts and figures in the 2005 BCS were compiled before one black man and three Asians blew up 52 people in London.

MacTaggart also said:

"We've recently enjoyed the great Muslim and Hindu festivals of Eid and Divali, and Christmas is not too far away. This week is the birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith. I don’t follow a faith".
"Today, most of us enjoy the benefits of living in a diverse, highly-tolerant, multicultural world in which there is a greater understanding and acceptance of different views and ideas".
"The outrage expressed by so many viewers at racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother is just one expression of our commitment to decent behaviour".
Jade Goody, the poor, now-deceased pig-ignorant, media-promoted multi-millionairess who was the prime mover in the bullying of Shilpa Shetty, was the daughter of a black, Jamaican career criminal and drug dealer who died of a drugs overdose in a gentleman's toilet. Her mother is a Lesbian.

On May 4 1997, The Independent on Sunday reported thus:

"The rioting between Muslims and Sikhs in Slough recently is the result of conflict over the Sikh wish to set up a state for themselves, called Khalistan, in the Punjab. The Sikhs accuse Pakistan of abandoning them. 100 Sikhs from Southall, in London, attacked Muslim homes in Slough, a few days ago, smashing windows, shops, and cars. It’s nothing but Khalistan versus Pakistan' said one Pakistani. ‘The Sikhs think we didn’t help them in their war of liberation, and they want revenge’.

One Slough Muslim said: ‘It was the most horrific sight I’ve ever seen in England. I saw a mob of 100 Sikhs, dressed in black. All we could hear was breaking glass and abuse.’

Retaliation is expected, with an attack on Southall, and probable escalation of an Asian war imported deliberately into Britain by white politicians."
Mactaggart never mentioned the riots in parliament. Nor did she mention 25-year-old Santa Gunga, who was murdered whilst queuing for DSS benefits in Slough.

Arguments between Seewoosager Gunga and his wife culminated in a severe beating after which Santa left him and found refuge in a safe house. For months her husband plagued her with phone calls and threats before, eventually, he tracked her down to the DSS office where he stabbed her three times. Gunga was found guilty on a majority verdict only. Obviously, someone in the jury didn't think the crime was all that bad.

I wonder what kind of a person would have ignored the fact that so many people witnessed Santa's death, all of whom said the killing was deliberate and premeditated. I wonder what kind of a person would have ignored the fact that Seewoosager Gunga bought a new knife especially for the job and had told a pal a few days before Santa's death that if he couldn't have her nobody would.

I think the person who could ignore these things was probably the kind of person who thinks that it's OK for an Asian husband to kill an Asian wife if she leaves him. I don't think such people should serve on British juries. But then, unlike Fiona Mactaggart, I don't think such people should be here at all.

Want to know what Seewoosager Gunga was doing for a living whilst he was planning his wife's death? He was a care assistant working in the psychiatric department of Slough's Wexham Park Hospital.

Martin McDonagh died in the Wenham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire.

Martin had been stabbed in the chest during an argument on the Poyle Industrial Estate. Mohammed Rasul and his brother-in-law, Shahab Ahmed were later charged with his murder. Rasul and Ahmed were due to pay the McDonagh family £4,500 for a consignment of smuggled tobacco but, after trying to talk the previously agreed price down, an argument took place and Rasul stabbed Martin twice with his ceremonial dagger. Martin's son, Thomas, was also stabbed by Ahmed.

Rasul, a former magistrate, was jailed for just five years.

Mactaggart did not mention Martin or the man who killed him in parliament.

Daniel Higgins was murdered in Burnham, Slough.

A masked gang broke in, tortured and then executed him. Detective Chief Inspector Steve Tolmie said:

"Daniel's killing was particularly brutal".
In November 2004, Majad Khan was found guilty of murdering 18-year-old Daniel and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mohammed Sohail Ashraf was found guilty of assisting an offender and sentenced to 7 years. Two others were jailed for 5 and 4 years respectively.

Mohammed Omar Akbar and Zahir Hussain were both arrested in 2004 but were given bail and absconded. They fled to Paris along with Rupinder Gill, Akbar's lover, two days after Daniel's death. Akbar and Hussain were arrested in Barcelona in March 2005, having been on the run for 16 months.

In 2006, Akbar was also found guilty of Daniel's murder. Rupinder Gill was found guilty of assisting an offender with Zahir Hussain. She broke down in tears as the jury convicted her.

She might well cry. Jail time is no picnic for the likes of her. You see, at the time she was assisting a murderer to escape from the country, Gill was a police officer!

Mactaggart did not mention Daniel or those who tortured and murdered him in parliament.

84-year-old Anne Mendel was murdered in Golders Green, London.

Kemi Adeyoola, the daughter of a millionaire, was 17 years old when she stabbed Anne 14 times. After a teenage life of prolific petty crime Adeyola had been sentenced to spend six months in Bulwood Hall Young Offenders unit.

In October 2004, five months before she killed Anne, Bullwood Hall staff conducted a search of Adeyola's cell and discovered an 18-page murder and robbery manual written in her own hand. It determined that the best kind of victim 'must be wealthy, quite elderly and defenceless.' A way to gain their confidence might be to 'do a survey and visit them disguised as an A-level student.' Once inside:

"Run lightly and silently behind her and cover her mouth with a gloved hand… Keep calm, composed and silent. Walk her through the door and close it and lock it… Make her so scared she co-operates... Show the knife to her, then place it against her throat… Place handcuffs on arms and ankles and secure to such as radiator. Inject her with a tranquilliser. Remove her credit cards and house keys... Get her to write an ‘I’m leaving letter’… With your butcher’s knife, remove her head. Detach each limb one by one. When you have completed the task, put her body pieces in black bags".
After finding the murder manual in her cell she was quizzed by a forensic psychologist. Lydia Sear said:

"She would not explain herself… She was defensive, arrogant and assertive. She was asked 'Is this something you are going to do?' I asked whether she had considered what the intention was before writing the book. She refused to answer. She left the room."

"Once her supervision was completed, there was no mechanism for stopping her re-offending",
said a spokesman for Barnet Youth Offending Team.

Despite the manual and the 'arrogant and assertive' refusal to indicate what was in her mind when she wrote it, the former public schoolgirl was released after just three months of her six month sentence. Upon release, her manual was passed to Barnet Youth Team and the police. They kept an eye on her for 3 months but as soon as they stopped Anne was killed.

Adeyola's father, Bola, a committed Christian and property tycoon who left when she was eleven, said:

"She is no longer my daughter. I don't even like her."
After Adeyola left Bullwood, where do you think Adeyola and her reprobate pal were housed? You guessed it folks, the creepy pair were given a flat in Slough, put to the head of the list in front of all the decent Brits.

Putting criminals like Adeyola in front of the law-abiding has been the preferred behaviour of all shades of British government for more than 40 years now.

Mactaggart did not mention these sometime Slough residents in parliament or their victim. Despite all her bleeding-heart thoughts, doings and sayings on behalf of Britain's immigrant and would-be immigrant communities, Mactaggart voted to go to slaughter Iraqis on 18 March 2003.

She also voted to go to war in Afghanistan and for the widespread bombing of Iraq in 1998.

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