Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Spot the honourable man

On 8 February 2011, The Daily Telegraph article, ‘Wikileaks: No 10 urged commander to play down Afghanistan failures’ told us this:
"A senior adviser to Gordon Brown put pressure on the commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan to play down the ‘bleak and deteriorating’ situation TO REDUCE CRITICISM OF HIS GOVERNMENT, leaked documents disclose…

A security adviser to Mr Brown told Gen McChrystal, with Mr Brown present, that his ‘bleak assessment’ could result in negative press coverage.
Gen McChrystal, WHO WAS LATER FORCED TO RESIGN, refused to back down. The cable... states: 'COMISAF replied that... he would maintain his intellectual honesty – and that what might be perceived by some as a bleak assessment, might be considered by others to be realistic'."
Spot the honourable man.

Spot the Blair heir.

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