Thursday, 29 June 2006

Europe's worn out welfare societies

On 19 October 2011, On 6 November 2011, Jin Liqun, former Vice President of the Asian Development Bank, former Deputy Minister of Finance and present Chairman of China's sovereign wealth fund and Investment Corporation, said this on Channel Four News:

"Europe is not really short of money. Europe needs to give a clear picture to the Europeans themselves and to the rest of the world that their problems could be worked out. The root cause of the trouble is THE OVER-BURDENED WELFARE SYSTEM, built up since the Second World War in Europe, THE SLOTH-INDUCING, INDOLENCE-INDUCING LABOUR LAWS.

PEOPLE NEED TO WORK A BIT HARDER, THEY NEED TO WORK A BIT LONGER, and they should be more innovative."
Courtesy of our treacherous politicians we're ‘addicted’ to a lot more than benefits and your cheap, job, industry and community-destroying crap, Jin. Drugs, drink and lemming acceptance of our dumbed-down, ‘sloth-inducing’ lot being chief among many society-shattering addictions.

How about we invest the little we have left in building up our industries again, boot the lazy natives back to work and introduce a command economy where the indigenous Brit is encouraged to buy from his own folk instead of yours, Jin? After we’ve removed all the Chinamen and other foreigners from the over-burdened welfare system, that is?

No. I didn’t think you’d be too keen on your under-cutting Commie producers having a market place like ours restored to its rightful owners.

The advice is sound but disingenuously meant, Jin. And condescension and patronage from a Chinese capitalist, whose Communist decision-makers were happy to subvert, indebt and enchain the people you now criticise, is inappropriate to say the least.

On 6 November 2011, Jin was at it again.

In an interview with the Al Jazeera, he said this:

“I think if you look at the troubles which have happened in European countries, this is purely because of the accumulated troubles of their worn-out welfare societies. Labour laws are outdated, THE LABOUR LAWS INDUCE SLOTH, INDOLENCE RATHER THAN HARD WORKING. The incentive system is totally out of whack…

The welfare system is good for any society to reduce the gap, to help those who happen to have disadvantages, to enjoy a good life, BUT A WELFARE SOCIETY SHOULD NOT INDUCE PEOPLE NOT TO WORK HARD.

If you look at the European countries over the last five or six decades, you will find this system will have to be adjusted. Why should for instance, within eurozone, why should some members’ people have to work to 65, even longer, WHEREAS IN SOME OTHER COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPILY RETIRING AT 55, LANGUISHING ON THE BEACH. THIS IS UNFAIR.”
Well, Jin, many over here will think your remarks are bang on and, superficially, they are.

However, what you’re not taking into account is this: the British people have been DELIBERATELY consigned to the scrap heap. Beginning in Thatcher’s time, privatisation and the subsequent downsizing insisted upon by the various corporate raiders, devasted working-class communities. Huge numbers of jobs were lost at this time that have never been adequately replaced.

Along the way, the hard-working grew used to grubbing along on the dole and many of those who came along afterwards never got the chance to play Saturday's child and ‘work hard for a living.’

Add this to a Blair/Brown global vision that saw nothing wrong with 90 percent of all the jobs created during their time in office being taken up by foreigners, and you can see that something else has been going on here over and above sloth and indolence.

No, Jin, worthy though your summary of the situation appears to be, the most important piece of the puzzle is missing. The politicians the British people have been allowed to elect over the course of the last fifty years have been at war with them for all of that time.

They dumbed us down, drugged us up and made porn and cheap alcohol readily available. They elevated the immigrant and disenfrachised us, establishing race laws and the soul-destroying concept of political correctness to cement their anti-indigenous treachery in place.

After eighteen years of job, wealth and community-pillaging Thatcherism, the Labour politicians that took over in 1997 spent the next thirteen years ignoring those the movement was founded to represent as they fawned over and kow-towed to the same untouchable financiers and fat cats their predecessors had been so fond of. With the disastrous results we are all experiencing now.

Currently, David Cameron is gifting somewhere in the region of £12billion to ‘worthy causes’ abroad every year. In the past at least, the worthy cause and the Swiss bank account of the African and Asian dictator has often been synonymous.

Despite the fact that it has been sucking us dry for almost forty years now, Cameron regularly parcels out over-generous quantities of our much-needed cash to the EU, an organisation most of us want shut of. And, if he has ever turned the IMF and the greedy bankers away when they pop round with the begging bowl for a bung or a bail-out, I hadn't noticed.

More than five decades of Brit-loathing globalism at one end of the spectrum and politically correct, foreigner-first treachery at the other, that’s where the ‘sloth,’ the ‘indolence’ and the ‘welfare system’ came from, Jin. People don't want to end up as pathetic as so many of us are now. THEY made us this way. They’re at war with us, you see. They want us gone.

Oh yes, if the slothful and the indolent down our way don’t pull their fingers out sometime soon, the dearest wish of those who’ve been at war with us since 1914, may well come to pass.

And, despite the seeming concern, my dear Jin, I somehow doubt you'd shed too many tears over our departure.

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