Sunday, 18 August 2013

Most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly

In a 1944 essay titled 'The English People', George Orwell wrote with affection of the ‘gentle-mannered, undemonstrative, law-abiding English’.

He said that foreigners were amazed by our ‘gentleness… by the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling’. he also said that there was ‘very little crime or violence.’ Despite the war, that’s how our world was in 1944.

In 1955, the anthropologist, Geoffrey Gorer, was moved to say this:
"The English are certainly among the most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly populations that the civilised world has ever seen."
That’s how it was then. That's what we had before the politicians and the social engineers, those who knew so much better and saw so much further than the rest of us, decided to change it all.

By 2009, Frank Field, a uniquely honest Labour politician, was admitting to this:
"In my constituency… there are now more violent crimes against the person than there were in the whole country 50 years ago."
That's what half a century of immigrant-first, indigenous-last parliamentary and media treachery has given us.

Check out what the new Briton thinks of us now.

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  1. So very true. Those responsible for this insidious destruction of British culture, heritage and the very British way of life should hang. They hanged lord haw haw for what, verbal treachery, but these monsters have, by their actions, physically and by legislation, done a million times more damage to our dear country that that twerp ever did!