Friday, 23 June 2006

The global villagers all stand together

In the 12 April 2011 Telegraph article, 'Britain should refuse to be left paying the bills for Portugal and Iceland,' Lord Willoughby de Broke says this:

"No Parliament may bind its successors, and it is essential for Mr Osborne to review the commitment made by Mr Darling."
Well said, Willoughby! If the Tories had to commit themselves to everything New Labour stood up for they would have to wag their tails at the greedy bankers, mass immigration, the EU, jobs for foreigners and the invasion of sovereign countries whilst the defence budget was being cut!

Oh, right. I was forgetting.

Willoughby added:

"President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, at the Davos economic forum, underlined that: 'We are fully determined to defend the euro... Mrs Merkel and I will never – do you hear me, never – let the euro fall.' With that promise Mr Osborne is surely free to allow France and Germany to back their mouth with their money."
He is, Willoughby, he is. But he won't. The global villagers all stand together as we, the enemy, fall. The enemy being the long-suffering decent majorities outside of the greedy banker and Fat Cat-owned New World Order loop.

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